Oh My Rockness' Guide to New Year's Eve 2006

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Oh My Rockness' Guide to New Year's Eve 2006

December 20, 2006
Maybe all is quiet on New Year's Day, Bon-Bon, but not here in these parts on New Year's Eve. I'm not sure how things go down in Ireland, but things can get pretty wacky on this end of the Pond. I swear, last year we mistakenly ventured out to the Wash-N-Dry to starch our pants when we crossed paths with a couple of people who appeared to be "intoxicated." I'm not even joking! Of course, maybe they just had an inner ear infection and that's why they looked a tad unstable, and maybe they were shouting so loud on our subway train because that one window was open a little crack, and maybe it was celebratory cake crumbs and egg nog on their coat and not, well, let's not even GO THERE!

But I don't mean to give you the wrong idea and have you judge the whole town based on a few naughty apples. Most of us, myself included, will spend the night curled up at home with a good Tom Clancy novel and a nice cup of chamomile. Sure, we'll let our hair down and maybe blow our novelty New Year's horn when the ball drops, but I'm sure our neighbors will understand. After all, 2007 only comes around every so often.

As for the naughty ones, well, I hear people of "their kind" go and see live rock shows on New Years Eve. And to make matters far worse, they're usually held at event halls with liquor licenses! The horror! Well one thing is for sure, we won't be out there. We're content to do the Auld Lang Syne jitterbug alone as a shutterbug.

Oh My Rockness' Guide to New Years Eve 2006

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at Hammerstein Ballroom
Has any band in the history of rock 'n roll had a better year than these guys? It all started with that earth shattering appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in January: the hair, the whimsical head bops, and the teenage screams. It was then that we, and millions of other Americans, knew these guys were going to alter the face of music forever. By the way, play their record backwards, and you'll discover that "Alec is the Papyrus." Trippy!

Mates of State & Ida at Knitting Factory (early show)
If you're into married people who gush harmonious sugar pop at one another, then you're going to want to check out this show. Sounds like rage material to these ears. In 2007, married musicians are going to be the new black which is the new 21 which is, and will always be, the new brunswick.

Mates of State & +/- {Plus/Minus} at Knitting Factory (late show)
If you're not down with married people and their weekend wine-and-brie parties, catch the looped electro-pop of +/- {plus/Minus} and then bail before M.O.S. take the stage. As far as I'm aware, these three guys aren't married to each other, but two of them were recently divorced from Versus. In 2007, divorce is going to be the new suck.

Radio 4 & Oxford Collapse at Mercury Lounge
"If you knew spazzy like we knew spazzy, oh, oh, oh what a band." That's what we sing in our heads at every Oxford Collapse show. Radio 4's is a little different. That goes, "Turn the radio 4 up, for that sweet sound, hold me close never let me go. When I look in your eyes, make me lose control." Sure, sometimes it's hard to juggle our internal melodies with the loud live melodies coming from the stage, and frankly, we wish both bands would turn it down a notch so we could listen better to our own sweet wonderful voices... the voices that never seem to go away... the voices that tell us what to do, like imploring us to dress up as peacocks on Tuesdays... the voices that get louder and louder and LOUDER with each passing moment, ruining any chance of us finding love. Oh God, make them stop!

The Slip at Northsix
The Playstation franchise pretty much owes all of its success to this Boston band. After all, it was their hidden song on the Guitar Hero game that transfixed the nation. Everyone wanted to play the song, but had to purchase this special gaming "console" to get access to it. A frenzy not seen since the days of Pogo Balls was created, and thus, the legend of Playstation was born. Sony would be nothing without The Slip.

Psychic Ills at Monkey Town
When we think of the ideal way to usher in a new year, we think dark-psych-space-rock (and dinner with Ricardo Montalban). Finally, after many ball droppings, my drone dream is realized with this Psychic Ills show. And the best part is that instead of kissing a loved one at midnight, you just go around rubbing each other's beards. If you decide to go to this show, be sure to get there early -- Monkey Town can be a real zoo.

Foreign Islands at Williamsburg White Room
Speaking of Foreign Islands, we had been hearing all the massive hype for a while now. All of our friends were raving about how we had to see for ourselves, that it would be an entirely memorable experience. But for some reason, we kept resisting and dismissing the hoopla. But last month, we finally decided to give in to the buzz and give it a chance. And you know what? "Lost" is a pretty good fucking show!

Patti Smith at Bowery Ballroom
Not sure who this Smith person is, because I've never seen her name mentioned on any of the music blogs. But c'mon, her name sounds so fake; I just bet it's a pseudonym for someone really huge. Hang on, I'll investigate. Ok, I just consulted with the music blogs and it seems they think this "Patti Smith" character is actually Voxtrot backed by Beirut on the glockenspiels and Tapes 'n Tapes on the tubas! Please, please, please, let it be true! That would just make 2007 the BEST YEAR EVER!

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See ya on the flip side in 2007!



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