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C'mere Dawn Glimmering and let me tell you about your daddy.

December 6, 2006
Listen to me Chavez, and listen good. If you're going to keep sending me mixed signals and teasing my already fragile emotions (damn it, you know I'm already overly vulnerable because of the holidays!) then I'll have no choice but to go ahead and get over you and move on to some other guitar god who would be happy to have my love. I can't keep waiting around for you guys to decide whether or not you want to get back together. Should we or shouldn't we? It's always on your terms, isn't it? What about my feelings? I'm a person too, you know. Not just one of your fan floozies.

Just like a band, you suddenly swoop out of nowhere and play a couple shows late last year, like you knew I was right on the verge of forgetting about you. So against my better judgment (I'm such a chump), I went and saw you open for Guided by Voices at Irving Plaza. (You did that on purpose because you know I dumped Bob Pollard years ago!) But being there, seeing you play, I remembered what it was I loved about you so much. It all came rushing back to me. And just like that, I was vulnerable again and right smack-dab back where my heart was 10 years ago. All that work and money spent with my therapist for nothing.

That wonderful night, when you stomped on your distortion pedals just like it was 1995 again, it reminded me of the time when we were so in love and happy. My heart had that familiar pitter-patter that I remember only from my dreams. After that brilliant set that resurfaced all of our cherished memories (it was 100% old material you played, just for me), I was convinced that you were sending me the message that you finally realized the error of your ways and wanted to come back. Your power strums clearly and simply said, "forgive me." At least, that's what you led this foolish heart to believe. Not only did you never call after that fateful night, but you weren't even heard from again... until a few weeks ago.

According to my sources (we still have friends in common, in case you forgot), it appears you are playing the field again. And not only NYC, but you have a handful of hot dates across the country too. You always liked to keep your options open, didn't you, Chavez? Is this just a ploy to promote your new box set, "Better Days Will Haunt You," a collection of released and unreleased tracks and b-sides, or do you expect me to believe that you really want to try to make things work again between us? Why do you always have to be so complicated? Please, Chavez. Just be honest with me. Is this for real or not? Tell me, so I can fall in love with you wholeheartedly again or finally let you go. Is that too much to ask?

And there's one other thing I should tell you... we have a daughter. I named her Dawn Glimmering. She looks just like her daddy. But we'll get into that over pierogies at Warsaw.

(You know this already if you've peeked in my diary, but NYC's Chavez released two of the best guitar-driven, angular, indie rock albums of the 90's -- 1995's Gone Glimmering and 1997's Ride the Fader. Chavez's songs were straight-up rock anthems. They played loud, you listened to it even louder, and all was right with the world. But just as they were getting started, Chavez unexpectedly broke up. I guess singer/guitarist Matt Sweeney had to get Zwan out of his system. Since then, I've had those two perfect albums to loudly muffle my sobs.)

Chavez play Warsaw, on Saturday, December 16th.


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