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Make Believe are the real deal.

November 8, 2006
Speaking of young prodigies (which only makes sense if you read this review right after our Jeremy Enigk profile), Tim Kinsella, his little brother Mike, and their band of merry Midwest men have also become a sexy choice to cite when talking about who invented emo. And they were just kids at the time, too. Well, I'm not going to get into Cap'n Jazz too much (one of my favorite bands ever) because we're here to talk about Make Believe.

Chicago's Make Believe features Mike, Tim, and a bunch of other guys that were probably also in Joan of Arc and Owls. If you like any of the Kinsellas' projects, Make Believe might be your favorite of the bunch (ok, EXCEPT maybe for Cap'n Jazz). It's less experimental and more rockin' than we've been used to from these guys. They've got a new album out on Flameshovel and you should buy it. It's good.

Make Believe play Northsix on Thursday, November 16th.


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