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CMJ 2006!

November 1, 2006
"Hey Jay, what's going on, man? How was your Halloween? Yeah? Life-sized Mr. Belvedere masks, huh? Sounds totally spooky. So cool, I'm just seeing what you're up to later? Maybe get our Boggle on? No good for tonight, huh. Yeah, I hear ya, if I bobbed for all those apples in O.R. scrubs I'd be crazy tired too. Well, I think I'm going to just try to chill out tonight anyway. I mean, I'm going to see this band Matt & Kim, and then probably head over quickly to Professor Murder and then Forward, Russia and maybe catch The Knife and/or Girl Talk. But after that, I'm totally just going to go home and watch some Netflix or something. I got Teen Wolf Too waiting for me, but I'm a little worried it may not hold up. But Boggle on Thursday, maybe? Yeah I think I can make that happen. Is it cool if it's a little later though? I'm just going to check out The Thermals, Apes & Androids, Chin Up Chin Up, Hot Chip and Goes Cube, but then I'm totally free. Ok, you're right, maybe Friday would be better. You know, I don't really need to see The Decemberists, The Big Sleep, Deerhoof or Tokyo Police Club that night. I mean, I'd realy like to, but I don't totally need too. No, I'm not trying to give you a guilt trip! Let's just do it Friday after those short shows. I'd say Saturday but that's probably my only busy night this week, what with Silversun Pickups, Portastatic, Annuals, Justice and French Kicks playing. Hey, you know, I've got an idea! I'll tell you what. Why don't you just come to some of these shows with me? I think you'd really like some of these bands. I mean, they may not be Boggle, but they're almost as good. Oh c'mon, just come out to at least ONE show, and I guarantee you'll want more. Seriously. You've got to see 'em, Jay!"

The madness that is CMJ runs until Saturday, November 4th.


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