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Insound wants you to get drunk for free at their party. What did Amazon ever do for you?

December 8, 2004
Ok, so the Pixies are playing a bunch of shows this week and one of them was for sure going to be the Rockness recommended show since they are... well... the Pixies. But that was before we found out that Insound is giving away beer at their Hanukkah Party. I mean Frank Black rules and all, but talk about a no-brainer!

All drunken debauchery aside, Insound's party has a great line-up of bands that happen to be particularly good live. Headlining is the ruthless Turing Machine, three former math-rockers gone prog. On their exceptional new album, Zwei, Turing Machine move away from the stripped-down and straight-up rhythm changes (like early Don Cab or Hella) of their previous stuff, and instead they grab hold of an electric pysch-prog groove and push it to the 12-minute limit. Don't get me wrong; there're still annihilating poly-rhythms aplenty, except now they bring keyboards and feedback to the party (as well as free beer.) Oh, Turing Machine don't have a vocalist since it seems virtually impossible to sing to this stuff. Unless, of course, you are completely insane. Get excited about a loud show!

D.C.'s Measles Mumps Rubella play a harder brand of dance-punk that draws comparisons to an edgier !!! or a modern-day A Certain Ratio. Since their debut 45 release in 2002 (recorded by Dischord heavyweights Ian Mackaye and Don Zientara), people have been talking a whole lot about this band. Slinky bass lines and spiky guitars permeate MMR's sound, along with persistent, multi-percussionist beats and aggressive, distorted shouts. They seem to be the perfect band to get this party started (a party that has free beer.) Except they aren't really going to "start" the party since they aren't the opening band. I guess I just wanted to say "get this party started."

Since we're all friends here, let's stop being polite and start getting real. I'm not gonna lie to you. I don't know a thing about Psychic Ills, but I'm sure they RULE!!! Best band EVER! The new face of Punk Rock! (ihopetheydon'tsuckihopetheydon'tsuck.)

DISCLAIMER: The free beer is only from 9-10pm so if you come at 10:01, you can shed a tear in a beer you pay for.

Turing Machine, Measles Mumps Rubella and Psychic Ills play Insound's Hanukkah Party at Rothko, Wednesday, December 15th. Click here for a chance to win 2 tickets!


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