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The grandly dark flourish of Die Romantik

October 4, 2006
Brooklyn's Die Romantik, whose members originally met in Paris, got their name from a German compilation of romantic classical composers from the early 19th century. This is important background information because, well, their music sounds a lot like Paris meets moody romance meets the 19th century.

Their sound kind of falls in line with what fellow Brooklyn boy Beirut is doing... other-worldly nomadic notes that belong to another time and place. But mostly, this is entirely unique. I mean, Brooklyn bands generally don't have grand piano flourishes in their songs, but Die Romantik does.

When I listen to this, I think of castles and chandeliers. There is a definite darkness, or maybe it's just an overall sense of eeriness. But it's also kind of seductive at the same time. Thus, their name, I guess... Die Romantik.

Die Romantik play Sin-e, on Saturday, October 7th.


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