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September 27, 2006
So I'm not exactly positive where this mysterious new venue Glasslands is. My sources assure me that it is 2200 square feet of lofty goodness right by the old Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn. In that case, it must be a pretty "sweet" space (hey-o!). I hear when Glasslands aren't putting on shows, they supposedly host indoor hockey games. Awesome! And if I was born yesterday, I just might believe it. But I was born quite a few days ago and personally, I think this is all just an elaborate, and mean, internet hoax to get our hopes up. I mean, Music... Sugar... Hockey... Brooklyn? That may be the title of the new Red Hot Chili Pepper's album, but it sure couldn't be a new venue at 289 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Sell that story to some other poor sap, I gave at the office.

A rock solid line-up is playing at Glasslands (if it really exists) on Saturday, October 7th. Headlining is NYC's Oxford Collapse, one of Sub Pop's newest surefire signings. They play noisy, spazz rock that puts an emphasis on disjointed, spiky guitars, yelps and howls, tambourines, and bass-induced grooves. Fans of early Dischord stuff will see an obvious (and successful) homage to the stripped-down sound of Nation of Ulysses and Fugazi, yet Oxford Collapse also seamlessly incorporate the dancier aspects of bands like Radio 4 and Q and Not U with the "artiness" of Liars and Oneida. Phew, that's a whole lot of bands. It may take a little effort to keep up with them, but your sweat will be well spent.

Chicago's Chin Up Chin Up are also playing. Everyone knows we love these guys, but our love was reaffirmed after hearing their upcoming album This Harness Can't Ride Anything. Can you say picture perfect pop? (I guess you can, since it's not that much a tongue twister really, unless you add "with powerful portions of pomegranates.") For those who don't know, Chin Up Chin Up are one incredibly catchy band, whose meticulously layered math-pop music sweeps you away to American Analog Set territory and beyond. The band creates an inviting wall of sound by fusing warm, clean guitar melodies and subtle synths. Love them like we do.

Also playing is NYC's Cause Co-Motion, one of the most exciting up-and-coming bands in town. They are an extremely charming band that prefers a choppy, clean guitar sound to anything distorted. They released a fantastic EP (produced by the guy in The Rogers Sisters) on the better-by-the-hour NYC label What's Your Rupture? (Love is All, Comet Gain, The Long Blondes), and deserve much love for their entirely energetic live shows. They make frantic guitar rock sound just so darn pleasant!

Wow, what a line-up! We can't wait to take our tilt-a-whirl spaceship and meet you there. Get ready to rock at Glasslands right alongside Snuffelupagus, Big Foot and the Easter Bunny. Something this good just can't possibly be true.

Oxford Collapse, Chin Up Chin Up and Cause Co-Motion! play Glasslands, on Saturday, October 7th.


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