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Boris goes BOOM.

September 6, 2006
"Yes! Boris!" That's what I always want to exclaim whenever these guys come through the speakers of my personal computer (or "PC," if you will) at my 9 to 5. Their rough riffage gets me so excited I want to shout their name from the rooftops for all to hear. Alas, I don't because my fellow co-workers would look at me quizzically, and there's nothing that embarrasses me more than quizzical looks from my peers. Anyway, if you want to come on a rapid ride that rips through dirty sludgy metal, then join me on the Boris bandwagon and come see one of their upcoming area shows. The journey with Boris is long, sometimes scary, you're not sure where you're going, and you're guaranteed to get grimy. It's also awesome.

Japan's Boris (whose name they took from a Melvins song) are one of the best doom-metal-drone acts you can ever hope to find. I love them (and I don't even like doom-metal-drone). Add their name to the short list of bands that can actually pull this sound off, bands like Isis, Sunn 0))), and Envy.

Sure, Boris' bread-and-butter is guitar-HEAVY mayhem, there is no doubt. But they'll also surprise you by adding thick My Bloody Valentine-esque shoegaze swirls to their feedback heavy rock outs. You know, just to keep things interesting. They are the rare band that can cross musical genre boundaries. Their most recent album, Pink, is getting all sorts of accolades, from rockers, popsters, punksters and metalheads alike. Are we really that different after all?

Deep down, everyone loves thunder, adrenaline and sheer power. Why do you think they're making a Rocky VI? Boris' epic songs erupt with all of these things, but they also include some pretty strong melodies that separates them from the pack. Their live show will be mind-blowing. Fit them into your schedule. Yes! Boris!

Boris plays North Six, Tuesday, September 11th, and Knitting Factory, Wednesday, September 12th.


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