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Temporary Residence Limited Turns Ten.

August 23, 2006
Ten years ago, when I was a young bum in Chicago (fine, the suburbs), I finally got around to buying a record player... at Best Buy (pretty punk rock, right?). New turntable in tow, I made the trek to Reckless Records (not in the suburbs) to go wild for some vinyl. Being broke from my hardware purchase (see: bum), I realized that I could really only afford one 7". Buzzkill.

There were thousands of bands to choose from on those shelves, and for some reason I chose this Wino/Nero split. I'd never heard of either band, and I'm still not really sure why I picked that one for purchase. Maybe it was where it was placed on the wall, or maybe I was subconsciously obsessed with old Roman Emperors. I certainly didn't pick it for its fancy cover. It was plain like Kentucky, obviously made out of a labor of love. I got home and "spun it", as they say, and discovered both bands were pretty good. I mean not awesome, but pretty darn good. Looking at the liner notes (if you can call them that), I learned that the label that put it out was called Temporary Residence Limited. Hmmm, I'll have to remember them, I thought...

They've been hard to forget. Time has certainly been kind to Temporary Residence. Suddenly it's a decade later and the label (which has become a smashing success and one of my favorites) is celebrating its ten-year anniversary with three shows at the Bowery Ballroom. Amazing. TRL's roster spans many sounds and genres, but if you had to pare it down, the label really has three constants: melody, inspiration, and rock. No wonder they blew up. You could tell the seed of solidity was there with that first 7", and the outpouring of solid records just grew exponentially from there.

Neither Wino and Nero are playing this birthday bash, but blazing TRL bands like Explosions in the Sky (by far their most famous signing), Envy, Mono and Tarentel will be there, along with a bunch more. There's not a clunker band playing all three nights, a true testament to the strength from top to bottom of Temporary Residence's remarkable roster. Now if they can only coax Nightfist out of retirement, it would truly be a "happy" birthday.

Here is the full Bowery Ballroom birthday bash line-up, brought to you by a very fine label:

Friday, September 1st
Envy, Sleeping People, Cex

Saturday, September 2nd
Explosions in the Sky, Eluvium, Caroline, Lazarus

Sunday, September 3rd
Mono, Fridge, Tarentel

Temporary Residence Limited's ten-year anniversary bash is at Bowery Ballroom, Friday, September 1st, through Sunday, September 3rd.


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