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In God We Trust's Summer Show List

Our friends at In God We Trust have put together a summer show list that simply slays. It's no surprise their impeccable taste extends to music and shows, too.

We caught up with Julie, who you may know from the IGWT Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts, to answer a few of our most pressing questions.

OMR: What do you do?

Julie: My business card says "Web Wizard". I handle the webstore and all of our social media output. I'm also good at standing still whilst my co-workers pin samples on mah bod.

OMR: What's the best part about working at In God We Trust?

Julie: Easy obvious answer: these truly lovely people that I get to spend my days with. In addition: It feels good to work in fashion but do it at a place where things are ethically produced (can I make up the term GlamourDIY?).

OMR: I'm buying one thing from your store. Throw us a link to that one thing.

Julie: I buy at least one of our mens' shirts every season.

OMR: What's your favorite song from an '80s movie?

Julie: From Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo.

OMR: Did you know "Glory of Love" was originally going to be in Rocky IV instead of Karate Kid 2?

Julie: Holy shit, my mind just got really blown. Probably it would have received the recognition it deserved, as Karate Kid 2 just didn't live up to my high expectations at the time (I used to be married to Ralph Macchio when I played house as a kid) and Rocky IV was my childhood favorite mostly because of Apollo's outfit in the Living in America scene.

OMR: Is your neighbor Paulie Gee's the best pizza in New York City?

Julie: It's my favorite. That Greenpointer is the sort of thing you THINK about, ya know?

School up on the sounds behind the styles with their specially curated playlist, below.


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