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Our Favorite Songs of 2013

December 5, 2013

Written by Patrick McNamara

Welcome to Our Favorite Songs of 2013! We’re gonna have a lot of fun streaming good sounds together!

But before we do that, let me explain what this dynamic year-end original internet blob feature is all about.

The following are 15 songs that I heard for the first time in 2013 A.D. And when I heard them in 2013 A.D. I said, “this song is my favorite song of the year!” I said that 15 times this year - also called 2013 A.D.

Got it? Terrific! Now here wheeeee gooooooo!

(oh wait - one last thing - please place no significance as to the order in which these good songs are listed - the order doesn’t matter in the slightest - really, the only reason why the order would matter at ALL would be because the bands get a little more sucky as you get farther down the page - just kidding - not kidding - but totally am - who even knows anymore - LOL! ROFL! LOLROHAHAHARLFOLOL!!!!)

They’re / Their / There - Fit Your Life in a Grid

This good band features members of other good bands. But we’re not here to talk about the band. You can click their linkable name up there if you want to go into that. We’re here to discuss the song. I like this song mostly for the last 15 seconds. So wait for it. Because he goes high and holds it. And he goes higher and holds it. But he’s not done yet! He then goes even higher… and holds it! And I do believe that’s called emo, friends. Oh yeah. Harmony. It’s also called harmony too…. if you want to get “technical.” But where’s the heart in that?

Joanna Gruesome - Tugboat (Galaxie 500 cover)

True story. I saw Joanna Gruesome play CMJ and they were really good. Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there. Because that ain’t no kind of story at all. It was a day show. Probably 12:30pm. In Park Slope. For some reason. And they played “Tugboat.” It was a quiet and pretty song that was building to something, you could just tell - and then a few minutes in (3:27 to be specific to this version) Alanna McCardle did this blood curdling scream. And then the guitars exploded. The heavens opened. And I literally welled up with tears it was so beautiful. Now that’s a story.

Chad Valley - Real Time

Chad Valley makes really good pop songs. Did you know that? Don’t believe me? Well, HERE! And THERE! HAPPY NOW?!?! In keeping with his tradition, “Real Time” is also a really good pop song. And by that, I mean I like to sing this song in the shower. I can’t really hit the high notes though :( But I try in there. Goddamn it, I try. :)

The Lovely Bad Things - Hear or Anywhere

“Hear or Anywhere” is a four minute burst of euphoric delight. When a band is this tight and together - and they have a singer (in this case Lauren Curtius) who can actually, you know, sing - it always leaves me with a certain special sense of joyful mirth with good tidings toward all. Because we’re all in this together. Right? Shh. Say no more. That’s a deal.

Sky Ferriera - You’re Not The One

I feel REAL conflicted about this song. Not about its quality. It’s the real deal as they say in the “muzik blob biz.” This is one helluva instantly likeable song. But it also breaks my heart because I’m not the one. I’m just not the one. It’s like, I sorta figured that out already on my own, Sky. Do you really have to rub it in over and over for close to four minutes. JUST LET ME HEAL.

Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy

This is happiness trapped in a song. These Anamanaguchi lads keep getting better, don’t they? I don’t know why I just called them lads. Every time this band puts out something new, it’s more solid than the thing before it. This statement is not intended as a reverse compliment. It’s intended as jealousy. I’d do anything to keep getting better at my various pursuits (well, i’d do anything… but i won’t do that… NO NO I WON’T DO THAT!). But alas, I think I peaked creatively in 6th Grade.

Big Ups - Goes Black

This is a really good one for all you punker rockers out there. What I like most about this song is not just its fresh riffs. Fresh riffs are all fine and good but fresh riffs and fresh riffs alone won’t get you added to this list, bub. What I like most about this song is that it seems like frontman Joe Galaragga is really talking to me like an old friend. You know, around the campfire style. That he appears to be discussing death is just cherry on the icing on top of the cake, as far as I’m concerned.

PUP - Reservoir

Here’s another one for my punker rockers. WHERE YOU AT?!? I like this song because it sounds like a fight between friends. I also like it because you can sing along to it (this is very important to me and my showers). Ahhhh, I remember when PUP played this song at our CMJ show. “SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR STUPID CMJ SHOW, SUCKNESS! THAT WAS LIKE 2 MONTHS AGO?!?!” Actually it was more like 6 weeks ago and if you have a problem with me talking about our CMJ show maybe YOU SHOULD MEET ME AT THE RESERVOIR AND WE’LL WORK IT OUT, PAL!!!!!

Crash of Rhinos - Impasses

Great emo all the way through. But make sure to wait for the part in this song where they go, “RAISE A GLASS FOR MEEEEEEE” (at 5:48). It’s a similar moment to that They’re / Their / There moment I just dynamically described previously. You can scroll back up to their portion of this article if you missed that description. It’s cool. There are no rules here.

Vampire Weekend - Step

Real talk time. True spit. This might not even be my favorite song on the new (well, latest I should probably say now) Vampire Weekend album. But this is the first song I heard from that album and when I listened to it I thought, “What? I like this? I like Vampire Weekend? Huh. Who knew?” So I figured because this was the song that made me realize I liked Vampire Weekend then this is the song that should be on this list. I did not take this super important decision lightly. I thought long and hard about it. For weeks. It tore me apart. Just so you know.

Alvvays - Adult Diversion

This song makes me want to bounce in my chair and hand clap along and wink and point at random people nearby. But I can’t right now. Because I need my hands to type this thing. And I’m in my bedroom. Alone. But you can. And you totally should! Definitely make sure you also do the winking and pointing thing. That part of the equation is key.

Squarehead - What’s Wrong

What’s wrong? I’ll tell you what’s wrong. What’s wrong is more people don’t know about Squarehead! That’s what’s wrong! This song made it in because of the fresh riffs. They’re the freshest. THE GUITARS SHALL LEAD US….. as the synths slowly slink away….. aww, don’t be too sad synths…. you had your day…. two of them, actually….. you’ll get another day soon… hang in there…. clear eyes full hearts can’t lose, synths.

Daytona - The Road

This is a good song when you want to feel sorry for yourself - but in like that freeing and releasing kinda way. Like, “Life is hard. But whattya gonna do? One go-around is all she’s gonna give us so we might as well take her punches to the gut and get right back up and do our best to make the most of the times in between.” This song is like that. In musical form.

Infinity Shred - Kodiak

This is another good song you’ve got to wait for. Not to say the stuff in the beginning is a “get through” or anything. But if you want the payoff, you’ve got to hold your horses and mind your Ps and Qs until shortly before the end. I’m not even going to tell you when it gets good. You’re going to have to make that discovery for yourself. You’ve got to earn this one. Because the more you give - the more you get.

Kittyhawk - The First One

This song made the list because it’s good. But also because I’m a sucker for nostalgia and this reminds me of when I was in college. I feel like I should be wearing a backpack when I listen to this - and be thinking about big stuff like “what is truth?” and “what does good even mean” and “isn’t art all subjective.” Ahhh. I remember those days. Now I just think about “what should I order on GrubHub later” and “or maybe it’s a Seamless kind of night” and “why the hell did I get a white tote bag anyway?”

Vulture Shit - Dinnertime

And finally - I have to put this song in a special category. My Funniest Song of the Year. Because this song makes me laugh every time I play it. Every. Single. Time. Dude is so stoked to eat dinner!

So that’s it. Those were My Favorite Songs of 2013. Wow. This list has been the best. Please make it go viral. By tomorrow morning if possible. Thanks in advance.

Your Pal,


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