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Apes & Androids comin' to you live from the year 3000.

August 16, 2006
Think David Bowie meets "Bohemian Rhapsody" meets Godspell meets Tron, and you're left with Apes and Androids. We caught these guys recently and thought we stepped straight into a rock opera. This young fearsome fivesome peppers their electro-inspired songs with four-part harmonies/chants (that's where the "Bohemian Rhapsody" comes into play) that surely sounds light-years ahead of 2006.

This must be the new shit, because I've never heard anything like it before. They are a band designed to dance to, and sure enough, most people were. But they aren't all antics. Make no mistake, Apes and Androids are tight. They all rocked as one unit, led by the powerful Bowie-esque pipes of their sassy singer. I definitely want to check them out again, and highly suggest you do too.

Apes & Androids play Sin-e, on Wednesday, August 23rd.


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