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The hotness of Professor Murder.

August 9, 2006
There was a point, perhaps it was as recent as last week, when Professor Murder seemed to make the shift from successful "local band" to successful "band." These four guys have been a big draw in this town for a while now, but with the critically acclaimed release of their debut EP featuring a guaranteed hit song ("Free Stress Test") and an absolutely electric show last week at Cake Shop, it seems like it's definitely that time... time for them to start getting crazy big. It's seriously on.

You were dying for weeks to find out, so here we go... Professor Murder's recent show at Cake Shop wins the award. You know, the 2006 Hottest Show Award we mentioned in the Oh My Rockness newsletter? Remember? Hmmm... there's that troublemaking tumbleweed again. Well anyway, they win. Man, was it HOT. As fast as I was trying to guzzle down that Busch beer, it poured right back out of more pores even quicker. We're talking at least 250 degrees in a basement packed with people who wanted nothing more than to dance and get even wetter. And they weren't even following Bloomberg's advice about wearing loose fitting clothing either. Talk about nuts! But this band's music lends itself to temporary insanity. When their keys get synthin', their machines gets samplin', and their cow bells get dinging, it doesn't matter how dehydrated and heat stroked you are. You're going to do dumb things like order Busch beer. They surely put on a memorable show. I've never heard the sound "sound" better at Cake Shop, and I hadn't seen so many people having such a good time in a long time. It's always nice to see joy. It's an underrated emotion.

But to borrow a quote from Muscle Mark McGwire, we aren't here to talk about the past. We're talking about the future. And luckily for us all (especially for those who missed the Cake Shop show), Professor Murder are quickly playing another show, this time at Mercury Lounge. This will probably be the last time they ever open at Mercury (Girl "mash-up" Talk is headlining) so for all you early-to-bed beauties, this will be the perfect setting for you to see this entirely enjoyable and energetic band. And Mercury Lounge has a better AC set-up than Cake Shop, so while it may not be as hot as their last show, it will definitely still be as "hot." Words to study. Words to study, indeed.

Professor Murder play Mercury Lounge, on Friday, August 18th.


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