Spoon's Britt Daniel goes solo in Hobo: Thankfully his lyrics are better than Rockness' rhymes. - Oh My Rockness

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Spoon's Britt Daniel goes solo in Hobo: Thankfully his lyrics are better than Rockness' rhymes.

November 23, 2004
Before his band releases their latest album, The Beast and Dragon are Adored, Spoon front man Britt Daniel plays some gigs with nothing around him but an electric companion.

Daniel playing solo isn't much of a surprise. I always thought that he was on his way to becoming the next Tom Waits anyway, so maybe these gigs are a conscious step in that direction for him. Daniel has done the "solo thing" before; he has put out releases under the Drake Tungsten moniker. Doesn't that just sound like a made up name? He also put out a split with every indie pre-post-pubescents' favorite band, Bright Eyes, as part of the excellent "Home" series on Post-Parlo records (check out the Ben Gibbard/Andrew Kenny one...it pretty much rules the earth.) Perhaps Daniel's relaxed, confident solo material is his cry to be considered less the second coming of Stephen Malkmus and more in the vein of a Texas troubadour. Or perhaps Daniel simply wants to play some songs by himself and to have stupid reviewers stop asking what it all means.

On Daniel's solo tour, expect a sparse stage set-up. From what I hear, it's just him, his electric guitar (surprisingly, no acoustic) and a boom box (or "ghettoblaster" as I affectionately call it) that pumps out the occasional backing beat. As far as a set list, Daniel definitely mixes in some old Spoon songs with new stuff you haven't heard yet. He makes sure the crowd goes home happy. Daniel's hometown solo show at SXSW left more of a buzz than a case of Lone Star beer ever could.

This should be a great show. For one night only, Jersey will be the place to be. So on the day after Thanksgiving, forget about shopping and start think about rocking.

Britt Daniel plays Friday, November 26th, at Maxwells in Hoboken.


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