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The Best Shows This Weekend!

September 29, 2013

Written by Patrick McNamara

Who’s ready to talk about the best shows this weekend? Well, that’s a-OK. Because we’re gonna talk about ‘em anyway! I’m chill. You’re chill. Everyone is forever chill! So get your hat, grab your seahorse, and come on over and let’s get communicating. Because there’s a lot of goodness to discuss. But before we do, what’s with that seahorse, dude?

Thursday - October 3rd, 2013 A.D.

Wavves + King Tuff + Jacuzzi Boys play the 1st annual Scuzz Fest at Irving Plaza tonight. And I’ve just learned that Scuzz Fest isn’t really a thing. Damn. Well, brightside. Guess I don’t need to pack this cooler of Mississippi Mud anymore. That damn thing gets heavy.

This should be a fun punk one to go to with a couple thousand other sweaty smelling people. Now, I’m not commanding you to wear deodorant before going to this thing. I’m just asking, from one child of the earth to another, if that might be a possibility you’d consider. Think about it, man.

Berlin’s The Field play FIXED’s birthday party tonight at 285 Kent tonight. That Field dude has good loops and beats. And you heard that here...well... probably 350th or something.

And if you don’t know Fixed, they’ve been putting on good electro-grease-lightnin’ dance parties for nine years and counting now. Damnnnn, son! (that one was for you, LE1F) Actually, FIXED started the same month Oh My Rockness started. So we laugh and laugh about that fact whenever we get the kids together to hang out and talk about the stock market or what hurts where or whatever.

Com Truise does a DJ set at The Paper Box tonight. But I recommend going to Barcade and playing some Asteroids first. It’ll get you in the mood. Oh, and maybe also watch “The Last Starfighter.” And might as well watch “Tron” too, if you have time...which you won’t...because doors are at 8pm...unless you skip work and start this epic day early in the morning or something. But I can’t promote such irresponsible behavior on here. This is a muzik blob, guys.

White Lies play Bowery Ballroom tonight. And the only thing I know about White Lies is that a few years ago at SXSW someone slid a White Lies CD under the door of every room on my hotel’s floor - this happened at some point in the middle of the night. So...I guess gimmicky shit like that works. Like that band who used to spray paint their band’s logo all over the LES a few years before that. I forgot the name of the band who did that and DAMN IT THAT’S A LIE BECAUSE I STILL REMEMBER THEIR NAME!

Ugh. It worrrrrrrrks!! That gimmicky shit worrrrrrrrks!!!

Other good shows tonight = Blitzen Trapper at MHOW + Gold Fields at Santos Party House + Lorde (already huge) at Warsaw + Tweens at Shea Stadium + the damn Massive Attack thing…. again.


Friday - October 4th, 2013 A.D.

Bambara is a new Brooklyn band I recently wrote about. You can click their band name if you want to read more about them. But you don’t have to. It’s cool. No worries! Anyway, Bambara play Shea Stadium tonight (with Dan Friel). And they’re a good band. You would know how and why they’re good if you went and clicked their band name and read that profile thing. But again, alllllll chillllllll.

Brooklyn’s Oneida has been a good band for a long time. They recently celebrated 15 years of droning on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. See Oneida do that some more at Glasslands tonight.

Remember when I was talking about “smart-rock” and/or “Ph.D-pop” before? If not, that’s cool if you don’t feel like scrolling up to find out what you’re missing. Hell, it may not even be up there if you’re reading this on Thursday or later. You see, on Thursdays we cut the first few days of our dynamic “Best Shows This Week” feature from Monday - slap a new image on it - and then dynamically call it the “Best Shows This Weekend.” It’s a brilliantly dynamic content strategy.

Anyway, Buke & Gase play (le) poisson rouge tonight. And people label them “smart-rock” or “Ph.D-pop” too. But it’s not because the singer talks instead of, you know, sings (to reference the earlier thing you may or may not have read). They’re labelled “smart-rock” because they invented their own instruments. That’s a band who earned that label, right there.

Let me tell you something. Michael Shannon rules. Let me tell you something else. His first professional acting credit was in the theater in the basement of my nowhere town’s library. Let me tell you one more something. He’s having a discussion (like you and I do each week) with Burkhard Bilger at The Bell House - it’s part of The New Yorker Festival. Michael Shannon is not playing with his band or anything (I forgot what they’re called - I’ll check later). So this is not really live music related at all. I just wanted to mention it. Because again, Michael Shannon rules. And also Park Forest what huzzah what!

Other good shows tonight = Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Warsaw + Blondie (jams remain jams) at Roseland + Porcelain Raft at Mercury Lounge + California X at 285 Kent + Life Size Maps at Cameo Gallery.


Saturday - October 5th, 2013 A.D.

Sleigh Bells at (le) poisson rouge tonight. Thoughts?

Potty Mouth play 285 Kent. And here’s a good punk jingle-jangle song that I searched for on the internet and then posted right down below just for YOU. Awwww. I’m always doing sweet, random acts of kindness like that. I expect nothing in return either. Just a ‘thank you.’ And if you don’t say thank you, no big, it’s just that YOUR ASS IS GRASS AND I’M THE LAWNMOWER!!!!

Surfer Blood + Andy Boay + Team Spirit play MHOW tonight (they all play again tomorrow at Bowery Ballroom too). Do you know Team Spirit yet? You should! These guys have some real hot tunes and with some really wild punk ‘tudes to boot!

(file under: some real hot tunes and with some really wild punk ‘tudes to boot!)

There are a bunch of good shows tonight - I just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) talk about them all. But other good shows = Gap Dream at Bowery Ballroom + Forest Fire at Glasslands + Heavenly Beat at Mercury Lounge + more. Click that link down there. That link down there will set you free.


Sunday - October 6th, 2013 A.D.

There are a few good shows happening tonight. Not a lot. But a few.

Click the link below that says “SEE ALL OF OUR SUNDAY SHOW PICKS” and you’ll find out what’s good.

Man. I guess I could’ve just left this whole thing to the links all along.


That was The Best Shows This Week. Thanks for reading and streaming again with me.

Let's do it again. Always. Because I hope we stay together forever.

But I want you to know...that I NEVER want that wagon wheel coffee table.


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