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Siren Fest rears its sweaty head

July 12, 2006
Are you serious? Already? It can't be! Yep, ready or not, here it comes, that joyous yearly event that serves to enrich and enrapture our musical souls. No, no, not 'Across the Narrows,' silly... it's Siren Fest.

Siren's annual alarm has crept upon us at the speed of the Cyclone this quickly eclipsing summer season (how is the 4th of July over already?). If you haven't made it out to Coney Island for this fest since its inception six years or so ago, it's never too late to experience the crowds, the sweltering heat, and the shitty sound. But it's free, some pretty good bands are playing, and they have batting cages, so it's worth it... probably.

Siren and I have a pretty co-dependent relationship. Every year I don't really want to go, but then I worry I'll be missing out on something, so I reluctantly find myself on that downtown F train. And ultimately I discover that the only thing I was really missing was a stomach ache from funnel cake.

But really, it's not THAT annoying once you're there and it's fun to see what all your regular show-going friends look like in the daylight. Some of them, without the benefit of Bowery's low-level mood lighting, do in fact look like Gremlins.

Here are some of the bands rocking Siren this year:

Stars: Sugary sweet pop that somehow never got tagged as the Second Coming of Sixpence None the Richer... until now.

Art Brut: Just so everyone is clear, Art Brut's members are in a band, and the singer's little brother is pissed he's not in it.

Tapes 'N Tapes: Blog me.

Serena Maneesh: Norwegian grooves provided by the bass player who looks like that one Muppet... in a good way, I mean.

The Stills: These guys just can't seem to make up their minds. We can't either.

Dirty on Purpose: Shoegazers shouldn't have to shower.

Celebration: You know them from the Plug Awards... {tumbleweed blows} {cricket cricket} {cough cough}.

The Rogers Sisters: A Brooklyn band before there were "Brooklyn" bands.

She Wants Revenge: No comment.

Go to Coney Island and experience Siren Fest, on Saturday, June 15th.


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