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Bound Stems welcome Big Ben Wallace.

July 5, 2006
Chicago's Bound Stems features four old high school friends and a guy who used to be in Harvey Danger (you know, they had that one big song that I can't remember right now). Their debut EP on Flameshovel Records (Chin Up Chin Up, Narrator, Make Believe and many more things awesome) is 26 minutes of fuzzy, tricky-time-signature pop, featuring raspy vocals over scattered and distorted guitars. Wait till you hear their upcoming pretty much rules.

They have been compared to a weirder Walkmen, The Arcade Fire (ehhhh, possibly), and even the Dead Milkmen (which would definitely light up the eyes of Rockness' own, Claire Freeman. She loves that band for some reason). Overall, Bound Stems is just further proof that a musical Renaissance is happening in Chicago. Even Paul Konerko re-signed with the White Sox and Ben Wallace became a Bull because their such big fans of this band.

Bound Stems play Mercury Lounge, on Saturday, July 8th.


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