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Drowners - like the jingle - like the jangle.

July 22, 2013
I’m loving the power pop revolution that seems to be happening these days in this scene (what this scene is - i do not know). Because I’m not ashamed to admit it. Yes, sir. I love guitar jingle. And yes, ma’am. I love guitar jangle too. And while we’re at it, by George and by gum, I also love singing jingle jangle songs in the shower! (whew what a load off my soul that admission was - and sorry for the rough language there)

Drowners makes good shower singing music (please note the water theme). I can easily belt some of these catchy choruses while killing time before the conditioner has set on my roots or whatever the hell it needs to take so long to do. I mean, I haven’t sung this in the shower YET. But I’m willing to try it out anytime. The truth has set me free so I don’t even care. How about tonight? Does tonight work with your schedule?

NYC’s Drowners play really nice power pop. Please note: this is more rock than indiepop. More earnest than delicate. The Drowners get compared to The Strokes and The Vaccines a lot. But they’re not really as fuzzy. Drowners rock a sound that’s a little more clean. Like Big Star. Or The Records. Or The Raspberries. Or Shoes. You know what that sound is also called? It’s called jingle. And it’s called jangle. Wait. Maybe that’s two sounds. Might need to hyphen it to make it one. But gosh, I just love jingle-jangle. (again, pardon my french - sheesh, I really have a sailor’s tongue today)

Start with Drowners song, “Long Hair.” Go ahead. It’s right there below these words. Isn’t it super catchy? That jingle! That jangle! Forget tonight. I’m ready to sing in the shower right NOW. I’ll go heat up the water and then I’ll text you the directions to.....um.....to the next Drowners show. Obviously. What. You didn’t expect me to invite you over to sing in the shower.....together...did you?? I would never (perspiration forms on brow) assume you’d want to do something (nervously tugs at collar) like that. Haha. Ha. Ha.......ha. (slinks away in shame)

Drowners play two upcoming shows - an official Lollapalooza aftershow with Foals at Park West, on Friday, August 2nd, and Schubas, on Tuesday, August 13th.


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