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Menomena: Electro-Emo Happiness

November 10, 2004
Menomena have been getting crazy buzz, seemingly out of nowhere, for their self-released album "I am the Fun Blame Monster." And the accolades couldn't have happened to a nicer band. Such polite guys.

Menomena create music based on a computer program developed by band member Brent Knopf. And Knopf's vocals sound suspiciously emo. Perhaps this is why they sound like no other "electronic" band out there.

Using drums, bass, and a whole lot of keyboards/piano, Menomena make a deviously fun sound that provokes head bopping and feet tapping. There is a whole lot of programming going on -- the vocals are more processed than a lunchables ham sandwich -- but it works simply because it is so damn clever. I couldn't even dream of programming some of these out-there sounds (but then again, I needed a crack team of five to figure out how my iPod worked). Menomena is an ambitious project and no one will be worse for wear for checking them out. You just might like it. Originality doesn't come by often.

Menomena plays Thursday, November 11th, at Sin-e


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