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Flip-Floppers on The Futureheads.

June 21, 2006
I didn't like The Futureheads for a long time. Thought they were annoying. Hated them, really. When their debut was released in 2004 (was that really two years ago already? That's like 150 years in blog buzz years!), I was tired of it before it really even began. The record came out during a grand old time when our ears were being inundated with Gang of Four hooks, Richard Hell howls, and, well, English groups... (I can't believe I'm waxing nostalgic about the year 2004.) So anyway, maybe that partially explains why I didn't come around to being fond of The Futureheads for quite a while.

But ultimately, it was really one moment that sealed the deal for me and started my 180 degree turnaround on this band.* I saw The Futureheads play that acoustic set in the upstairs of Pianos last summer. Remember? The show was packed beyond sanity, it was hot as balls, and I couldn't see a thing except for the back of some dehydrated 12-year-old kid's head who was about to pass out (and apparently puke) all over me. But man, did I ever hear those crystal-clear, four-part harmonies. That balmy early evening, those dudes were ON it. It was only then, after hearing them live, that I fully appreciated their voices. Somehow, discovering their appeal was in their pipes, and not their hip herky-jerky hooks, put everything about this band into perspective for me. It's the vocals, man. The vocals! Immediately after the short twenty-minute set, I strolled to San Loco, where I sat down, pressed play on my iGod, and gave The Futureheads another chance. But this time, I tuned into the timbre of their tenors, and not the spazz of their strings. And for the first time, I liked it.

If you're already down with The Futureheads... I'm sure you'll have fun at this show (especially because the sound at Webster is nothing short of stellar). If you're not down with The Futureheads, I've been there, and that's more than understandable. But if you're on the fence with these guys, absolutely go see this show. You just gotta remember the secret... it's the vocals, man!

The Futureheads (and the French Kicks!) play Webster Hall on Friday, June 30th.

*Jason Kidd, after being drafted in 1994 by the then last-place Dallas Mavericks, promised that he would "turn this team around 360 degrees." Hmmm, you sure you want to lead them back to last place, Jason?


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