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The Best Shows This Weekend!

June 24, 2013

Written by Patrick McNamara

It’s going to be a good weekend. I feel it. And if my feeling is wrong, well, I’ll deal with the repercussions of preferring to think of the glass as half full later. Much later.

So are you all suited up? You ready? Got your game face on? Good. Let’s do it. Eye of the Tiger. Me. You. Us. Together. United. Free....Summer....Shows. And some other stuff too.

These are The Best Shows This Weekend. Kick it!

Thursday - June 27th, 2013 A.D.

The first FREE House of Vans show of the season is tonight. That’s Fucked Up.

I just wrote about Ovlov They gots (no, sic you) the good guitars. They’re crunchy. Like Hum. Or, Swervedriver. Or, Ovlov. Tonight, they play Death by Audio. Don’t come if you don’t like guitars. Stay home. Read a book instead. Books are great, because maybe you didn’t write them, but you’re the one making them your mind, man.

Guillermo Scott Herron twiddles some knobs and presses some buttons and messes with some levers (i’d like to see you do it - hell, i’d like to see me do it) at Output tonight. You may know him better as Prefuse 73. Or, Savath & Savalas if you like to take it back to 2000 - right after we all realized Y2K was a hoax and that nothing bad would ever happen again. However you know the guy - let’s go get electric.

(also this band Satanik Goat Ritual plays Saint Vitus. Don’t know anything about them, but what’s up, Sssssatanik Gggggoat Rrrrrritual)


Friday - June 28th, 2013 A.D.

There’s a FREE South Street Seaport show tonight (F U, SANDY!) (apparently, I’m only allowed to swear on here when it’s part of a band’s name - like Fucked Up... and Shit Nipples... which isn’t a band... but it should be). Get on down there. Come for Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Bass Drum of Death. Stay for Pizzeria Uno. Then leave before you order when you realize how crowded it is. And then go somewhere real. Like Sbarro.

FIXED has been putting on good dance shows for as long as Rockness has been doing data entry (the same week, actually. October. 2004. never forget). They do another good one tonight at Glasslands with DJ/producer/presser of switches/messer of wires, Mighty Mouse. And also Mighty Mouse’s band, DuTonc (with the Van She guy). Let’s go burn some calories. Without doing it the wussy way. By “eating better” or even “eating less” or “running.” FART. NOISE. THAT.

I know we’re not Oh My Jazzness. But we’re not Oh My Bookness either. And when has that stopped us? Wayne Shorter celebrates his 80th birthday at Town Hall tonight. He’s a jazz saxophonist legend. If you don’t know him, start with his classic album, “Speak No Evil.” (wonder if Sssssatanik Ggggggoat Rrrrrritual are fans of that album?) Love this guy.


Saturday - June 29th, 2013 A.D.

Donnie & Joe Emerson play Mercury Lounge. They have a really great story. It could so easily be one of heartbreak and disappointment. But time and perspective has turned their tale into stuff that inspiration is made of. Go HERE and read a little about them. Then watch this video. And you know what? Let’s hear it for their dad, too. That’s a good dad right there.

Another big
FREE South Street Seaport show today. I tell ya. An embarrassment of riches, this town can be. The Village Voice 4Knots Festival is today with Kurt Vile + Marnie Stern + Parquet Courts + The Men + Hunters + White Lung + The Babies + Reigning Sound + Fat Tony + Heliotropes. Whew! (or, Phew! - depending on how you roll with the spelling of your pleasantly overwhelmed sound.) Come for the music. Stay for the free bathrooms. In that mall. That doesn’t have an Orange Julius. And that’s an outrage.

Psychic Twin play good pop and they also play Glasslands tonight. Hey, I just wrote about them! What a wild and crazy coincidence! I’m such a wild and crazy guy! I should start wearing a novelty arrow through my head!

There are many more good shows. But let’s not get into them all. If you’ve been with me since the beginning, you’ll know this is the part where everyone shouts PAGE LOAD TIME! at their computer screens. Click that link right there that says “see all of our saturday show picks.”


Sunday - June 30th, 2013 A.D.

Small Black and Heavenly Beat play Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight. Both are very fine pop bands. Both are also old Rockness show alums (this keeps happening!). And both have the quickest first step I’ve seen in about 5 years (this is the part where everyone yells HOOP DREAM REFERENCE!)

I couldn't decide between putting in a video for Small Black or Heavenly Beat. So I did...BOTH. Yep. Keeping it "real" over here.


Whew! I mean...Phew! However you roll with the spelling of that. Yep. Another semi-successful Best Shows This Week in the books. Thanks for playing the game again. Remember. It’s not whether you win or lose the game. It’s how quickly you can distractedly scroll as it’s being played.


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