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...back of my neck getting dirty and gritty.

June 14, 2006
Every so often a show will get elevated to "Recommended Show" status purely by virtue of its intangibles alone. And while we're taking nothing away from the four really good bands on this bill, you should go to this show mostly because it is summertime in NYC, it's on the water, and it's free. What more do you need to sway you to go to a show on a lazy June day? If you haven't been to the East River Amphitheater before, it's best to allow plenty of time to get lost. I attempted to see Oneida last summer, but went astray in Chinatown's maze and never found the stage. But it should be noted; I am a dumbass. So as long as you're relatively clever with a compass, you shouldn't have any problem navigating your way to the pier on Saturday. So who's playing this thing anyway?

Headlining is the ever-sunny Saturday Looks Good to Me, a band whose bouncy melodies seem meant for summer. Front man Fred Thomas aspires to tread where Brian Wilson once did (hopefully this doesn't mean dumping a ton of sand in the middle of his living room) with a very Beach Boy-esque sound. These guys have been playing nostalgic 60's-inspired pop songs since 1999. And sometimes their live instrumentation sounds a bit like a high school production of "Godspell." If you like Magnetic Fields and Belle and Sebastian, you'll like Saturday Looks Good To Me.

Brooklyn's Mobius Band rocks the electro-pop rock similarly to The Postal Service, with a spoonful of that wacky "wall-of-sound" wonderment courtesy of merry old England (circa 1991, to be precise). And while Mobius Band may not be, like Gibbard, stalwarts on the Starbucks playlist just quite yet, they certainly have that all-accessible sound that even soccer moms with frosted blonde highlights and drawers full of Christmas tree sweatshirts can enjoy (when they're feeling "frisky" that is).

Human Television's sound can best be described as a mixture of late 70's NYC punk without the aggression combined with the catchy Britpop guitar strumming of bands like The Wedding Present and Ride. I don't think there is one instance of distortion or feedback in Human Television's repertoire. This is music you hum when you're having a really good day. A very pleasant band.

NYC's Meneguar is a very good guitar-driven band whose singer sort of sounds like the guy from The Hold Steady. There's a positive vibe to this melodic (mostly) punk rock, complete with Superchunk-friendly riffs and Les Savy Fav-friendly angularity. They are a band void of pretension that wants to write really good rock songs. If you liked the indie rock of the 90's, you will like Meneguar.

Saturday Looks Good To Me, Mobius Band, Human Television, and Meneguar play East River Amphitheater, on Saturday, June 17th.


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