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The Best Shows This Weekend!

June 17, 2013

Written by Patrick McNamara

These are The Best Shows This Weekend. And this time, it’s personal. And by personal, we mean this dynamically optimized web feature was created by a robot calibrated by tireless engineers to spit out personalized show recommendations to you based on what’s being blobbed about right NOW by the various blobs and networks that you, or your friends, or your friends of friends, have recently maybe visited in the last eighteen months! Wow!

That really sounds like the makings of some serious fun, right? Cool! Let’s get the good times started then!

Thursday - June 20th, 2013 A.D.

Remember when I was talking about Shannon and the Clams? Just realized that band also plays again tonight (at Bowery Ballroom with good garage-y guy, Mikal Cronin, and good Nirvana-Hum-y dudes, Roomrunner). Sure, I could go back and modify the original posting to reflect this new realization. But, nah. I’d rather use this space to discuss the oversight. It fills up lines.

Hospital Ships play Big Snow tonight. I just wrote about them too. Because I like them. They've got that good eccentro-pop thing going on. Read this linked word right HERE if you want to read more about them. But what I really want is for you to listen to their song below. And tell me what other song it sounds like. You know, the part when he comes in with the vocals. Is it an old Bloc Party melody I’m hearing? Maybe? I’m not sure. Feedback appreciated. If you’re chill.

MGMT play The Wellmont tonight. We already fulfilled our ‘one big time FM radio friendly band show quota’ for this week, so we won’t talk about MGMT this time. (And thus, we just talked about them without talking about them. Really kewl trick, no?)

Let’s move on to Friday. But, first.....we need to introduce that big time night of the week properly with a jam from this relevant fellow. (I’m so sure LL wasn’t lip syncing in this Soul Train performance. So, so sure of that.)


Friday - June 21st, 2013 A.D.

Peals are a good new band. Hey, I recently wrote about them too! That's why their name is link-able! I love when bands I recently wrote about also have upcoming shows. It’s almost like it’s by design, man. Anyway, this fine duo features a Double Dagger (RIP) and a Future Island (KIT). Peals will take all your cares and carry them far, far away. But only if you let ‘em. So let ‘em.

Brighton’s* Fear of Men play a FREE show at South Street Seaport (F U, SANDY!). If you like nice, sweet, shimmering indiepop - I expect to see yer good tasting butt out there. Wait. That didn’t come out right. What I meant to say was that your butt tastes good. Wait. No. I meant, I meant, I meant.

(*that Hospital Ships song - it’s not the Bloc Party song where they talk about taking a road trip to Brighton, is it?)

Simian Mobile Disco play both a live set and a DJ set at SRB Brooklyn. This song below? Still a jam. After all these years. And if I had the money to go to the record store (to-to the record store) and buy that super limited white label candy cane colored 12" of it - I would. (Please note: I’m not even sure a limited white label candy cane colored 12” of this song exists but it probably does music nerds.)


Saturday - June 22nd, 2013 A.D.

There’s a FREE show in Prospect Park today at 3pm featuring Chairlift + Neon Indian (DJ set) + Bear in Heaven, among others. (The others are Ghost Beach and People Get Ready - I don’t know why I just didn’t say that instead of “others.”) Click those FREE SHOW words linked up there to RSVP. And my previous offer for you to come over to my place after the show is good for this one too. If you bring a strawberry strudel. Saturdays are strawberry strudel night. But you already knew that. Duh.

It’s FULL MOON party time (technically, the true full moon in the sky isn’t until tomorrow night, but whatever - semantics, guys - semantics) at The Beach at Governors Island. There will be lots of dancing to the gods of The Great Grey Rock courtesy of Miami Horror + Tanlines + Wild Belle + Yusek (his jam below) + lots more. It starts at 4pm. And will go until the wolves come out (that can also be a Rancid reference because that band plays two shows this week, but i didn’t really want to talk about it, so i did it this way instead, which again, is talking about it without talking about it, and that's what I call a really, really kewl trick).

The bewildered musical wonderment that is Delicate Steve (so good) plays a FREE show at Mercury Lounge with Superhuman Happiness. (When you come over to my place after either The Roots/Jim James or Chairlift/Bear in Heaven shows in Prospect Park, we can eat something deliciously empty and corporately processed, and then watch this Delicate Steve video below...over...and...over...and...over...and....over...until we see it...and then forget it...and then remember it something completely new...whoa.)


Sunday - June 23rd, 2013 A.D.

Free Time play Shea Stadium tonight.

Cheap Time play Warsaw tonight.

And that’s a really super funny coincidence that both Free Time and Cheap Time are playing on the same night. You know? Get it? So funny. Because both Free Time and Cheap Time are two bands who are good.

Awww, hell. Go see Rush at Jones Beach tonight if you wanna instead. Life is too short not to believe in over-the-top bombast. I believe that’s called “having fun.”


Welp. That’s the news from The Best Shows This Week: where all the bands are strong - all the readers are good looking - and all the editorial is slightly below average. (blame the calibrations)


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