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The Best Shows This Weekend!

April 15, 2013
Written by Patrick McNamara

Hey, hey! Let’s have a great week out there! C’mon now. Let’s look alive, look alive! Be aware. Be aware out there now! Position yourself. Be ready to go either way this week now! Stay on your toes. Make it relaxed and loose like a coiled spring, now! Alright, alright. One time, one time now! That’s it. That’s right. Do it one time, now! You’re not by yourself out there this week. Trust your training now. Trust your teammates now. Thank the competition for providing the contrast now. Which makes the game even possible now. Alright, alright, now! Here comes the week now! Here it comes. NOW DRILL IT.

These are The Best Shows This Week.

Thursday - April 18th, 2013 A.D.

Joey Bada$$ plays Highline Ballroom - and on Saturday at Gramercy Theatre too. He’s good. (Nas did this almost twenty years ago - before Joey Bada$$ was born - but whateves, guys - no big deal.) Wait. Was that too harsh? I don’t want Joey record a retaliatory song about Oh My Suckness suckin his Nussness or something. Better put that Nas comment in parentheses. That way no one will be able to see it except for me and you. Because that’s the way parentheses work.

If you like it free. And you like it late. And you like to dance. Pat Mahoney does a free late night dance DJ situation at WIP with Alex English (not of old school Denver Nuggets fame - but that would be a cool secret party trick for him to bust out if it was - “Guys. I’ve never told you this. But I spin more than just past defenders.”)


Friday - April 19th, 2013 A.D.

Clinic doesn’t play NYC that often. But they’re playing NYC tonight at Glasslands. And tomorrow at (le) poisson rouge. You want to go to Mars, man? Well, alright! Let’s watch this. And let’s go to Mars. I’ll bring the Funyuns.

Widowspeak just played our SXSW party. Is a month ago still considered “just?” I don’t know. But I’m going to find out. Did Widowspeak disappoint at that party? They. Did. Not. They were good. Go see them at Knitting Factory. Then you’ll know they’re good too. And then we can all know everything about Widowspeak and their goodness. As we all span time. Together. Forever. True.


Saturday - April 20th, 2013 A.D.

This might be the show of the week. You don’t have to click that if you don’t want to. We’ll just tell you. It’s Iceage + White Lung (told you about them already in what already seems like a long time ago) + Parquet Courts + Burial at Bowery Ballroom. Here’s more on the super buzzy headlining act. The kids just go crazy for this.

Or, would you rather go see Anthrax? They’re playing tonight and tomorrow at Irving Plaza. I mean, you can go and see them instead of going to Bowery. Last I heard this was a free country, last I heard. Hey. I can repeat phrases to start and end a sentence and you can go see Anthrax instead of going to Bowery. It’s a free country. Last I heard.


Sunday - April 21st, 2013 A.D.

Pop Zeus plays Death by Audio. I just saw them play a couple weeks ago. And I really liked them. If it were some other guy talking, I might even say I had a power poptastic time. But I’m not that fun guy. I’m the guy that’s always super serious about everything. Especially music. As previously mentioned, there’s nothing funny about music or its industry or its blobs. Nothing funny at all.


Our time is up. Thanks, guys. You’ve been great for sticking around this long. See you again. Same time. Next week. Better font. Bigger dreams. And remember. Look alive out there this week. Look alive now!


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