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Torche bring their growling, guttural guitars to Webster.

May 3, 2006
And here I thought the only good band from Miami was Iron and Wine. Wow, was I wrong. Torche is sick. Most importantly, Torche sounds NOTHING like Sam Beam (or the Sound Machine for that matter). Think extremely heavy guttural guitars over extremely hard-hitting percussion. Hushed folk this isn't. Some would call this "stoner jam" rock, but that description just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Think more Helmet than Phish.

And since these guys are now touring with Mogwai, you know they've got to be loud enough to appease Stuart Braithwaite's fans. Two of the members of Torche also play in a band called Shitstorm (no elaboration needed). Recommended if you like Boris!

Torche opens for Mogwai at Webster Hall, Friday, May 12th, and Saturday, May 13th.


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