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Russian Circles metal it up, Chicago style.

April 26, 2006
Chicago's Russian Circles play powerful instrumental rock similar to their city mates (and practice space pals), Pelican. Man, I'm such a sucker for this kind of music. Who couldn't love guitars that slowly and surely build into a mighty release of distorted aggression?

Their mighty riff rock-outs are backed by insane percussion that propels these "choruses" away from indie rock's frontier and into the edges of metal territory. Russian Circles may play long and loud, but they never lose sight of the melody... the downfall of many an instrumental band. There is a cohesiveness and structure to these "epic" songs that have a clear beginning, middle and end, as every true song should.

They most recently toured with bands like Isis, Minus the Bear, and Chin Up Chin Up, and have many more dates lined up and a full-length due out soon. Get ready.

Russian Circles play Warsaw, on Friday, May 5th


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