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The Best Shows This Week!

February 04, 2013
You know what they say. “Never doubt a purple team named after a 19-century poem.” So the Super Bowl happened. And I sincerely hope CBS showed you a great time. It was good to see a victory for Coach Harbaugh. And I’m sorry for Coach Harbaugh (btw, I’m pretty sure Google Docs wasn't recognizing and auto-correcting the word "Harbaugh" a few days ago. You know you've made it when that happens). But let’s all move on to other things. There’s plenty of other beauty in the world - like at a good show. Beauty is everywhere at a good show. So let’s get into the good shows this week. And let’s live, dear Rockness reader. Let’s live!

We’ll start with the good shows on Monday and then work our way through the week. This seems to make the most sense. One of these days, I will have the courage to start on Wednesday and then do Friday and THEN Monday etc. But alas, today is not that day.

Rafiq Bhatia is playing Glasslands (Mon. 2.4). He rocks something akin to “math-jazz.” I’m sure there’s a better term. So let me know after reading and listening to him via that link up there (or “over there” depending on if you’re one of those crazy alt screen resolution people). He’s good stuff.

“Beginnings” is a comedy centric podcast that is recorded live at UCBEast (Tue. 2.5). Along with jokers and jesters (I believe these people are also called “comics”) they’ll often have good bands playing too. This week it’s Marnie Stern + Andrew W.K. (that guy should run for office and help make the world a more loveable place).

Speaking of comics, Reggie Watts (currently one of the funniest men alive) is performing the next day at Blind Barber. Apparently, it’s a fundraiser to help put on an “acrobatic comedy that reimagines the Biblical creation story.” Sold.

Gold Fields is playing Bowery (Wed. 2.4). They’re a good synth-pop situation. And considering they did come all the way over here from Australia (which, no big deal, is on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD) the least you could do is go see them play. Uhhh, it’s not all about you and your couch, guys.

We don’t agree on everything. That’s what makes this fun. But I think we can ALL agree that #1) “She’s All That” is the best movie of all time and #2) before James Franco did anything Freddie Prinze Jr. did EVERYTHING. Why do I mention this? Because this band is playing Knitting Factory (Wed. 2.4). And because I just like talking about “She’s All That.”

Psychic Ills are playing Bowery (Thurs. 2.5). They’re good. But be sure to get there early and check out Prince Rupert’s Drops. I just wrote about them. Because I like them. That’s kind of how this works.

If you like shredders - I can recommend a good model that won’t stall when you try to jam in more sheets of paper than you probably should. Get in touch if interested. If you like SHREDDERS - go see the Don Giovanni Records Showcase (Thurs. 2.5). California X leads the charge for that one.

Chrome Sparks is a pretty chill* beat maker (*yes i did). His real name is Jeremy Malvin and he plays Silent Barn (Thurs. 2.6). He has this one song called “Marijuana.” I’m not familiar with this foreign looking word.

Good line-up all around at Big Snow on Friday (2.7). Absolutely Free are rocking something that sounds like no one else. You should check them out. Alan Watts is playing too. No, not the Alan Watts in the video below. That would’ve been cool though. He would’ve been able to explain all of life’s mysteries in one short lecture. Oh well.

I saw these Madison Square Garden headliners at Pianos a few years back. And nobody cares. So I’m not sweating it either.

The Wedding Present are playing Maxwell’s (Fri. 2.8) and Bowery. (Sat. 2.9). David Gedge shreds a most magical guitar jingle-jangle. I’ll tell you what; this up-and-coming 52 year old is one to watch. You heard that here first.

There are a ton of good shows coming up this weekend. And we’d like to tell you about those....on Friday (insert groan noises from live studio audience).

So thanks for reading and be sure to all tune in same time same website on February 8, 2013 for more meandering words and streams.

We hope our servers can handle it.



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