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OMR's T.G.I.T.W.

February 01, 2013
T.G.I.T.W! Am I right on that, guys? T.G.I.T.W! I actually don’t know if that’s a thing people say. I could quickly look it up, but I bet that search would end in depressing results. Sometimes it’s better not to know.

Here are the best shows happening this weekend. And that’s not subjective. That’s fact, Jack. For you....Jack. For everyone else, it’s just our opinion. But we stand by it, friends. We stand by it.

Let’s talk about Fixed, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things......oh forget all that. There’s a proper time and a place for Salt and for Pepa. So Fixed is throwing a good late night dance party on Friday (2.1) at Glasslands. For 8 years they’ve been throwing good late night dance parties. So thanks, Fixed! Tonight it’s Daniel Avery’s turn to get down. I recently wrote about this up-and-coming e-tronic (the new ‘electro’) jam master. That’s why his name is linked. It doesn’t go to his website. Cool? Cool.

The #1 Most Popular upcoming show is Friday (2.1) at Webster Hall. You “My Rockness” users decided it to be so. You did a good job with that decision too. Because Ty Segall is really good. And so is Mac DeMarco. You guys know what you’re doing. By the way, they’re both also playing the next night at Music Hall of Williamsburg (2.2).

Javelin + Guardian Alien + Life Size Maps at Shea Stadium will be a good one. Did you see the new Life Size Maps video we premiered? Check that out. It’s trippy times.

If you’re deciding between doing yoga tonight or going to see the Ice Choir - guess what? You can do both! Sometimes if work hard and trust in yourself - good things like this happen. (Body Actualized Center. Fri. 2.1)

Local Natives are very popular. (Music Hall of Williamsburg. Fri. 2.1. Bowery Ballroom. Sat. 2.2. Bowery Ballroom. Sun. 2.2)

Parquet Courts lead the way at 285 Kent on Saturday (2.2). If they see their shadow - it’s another 6 weeks of a PUNKsutawney winter.

Baby Dayliner is playing The Grand Victory on Saturday. I’ve liked that guy for a long time. He doesn’t play that much anymore. He should though. He’s good.

Sunday, of course, is Super Bowl Sunday. You’ll probably be watching that. So know need to read on. But if you aren’t going to watch it - these next few lines are for you. And remain firm in your contrarian ways!

Hooray for Earth are playing Sunday. Rah! But you have to come with a little kid and you don't know any. Boo! But...they’ll probably play again for adults soon. Rah! But you just missed them because they just played on Thursday. Boo! (Brooklyn Bowl - 2.3)

Bradford Cox of Deerhunter is doing something probably overly complicated at PS 1 MoMA on Sunday. (2.3). I don’t know. It might be awesome. You never know with that guy.

Oberhofer leads a good line-up of punk at Shea Stadium (2.3). That band is good.

The Hairs are playing Silent Barn (2.3). They’re good too.

PS You can watch the Super Bowl with Andrew W.K. because of course you can (Santos Party House). You can also watch the Super Bowl at The Bell House. And probably other places.

You can’t watch the Super Bowl on my couch though. We’re all booked up there.


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