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Vague Angels come from another wonderful planet

April 19, 2006
NYC's Vague Angels is the latest project of the ever-prolific Chris Leo (ex-Native Nod, Van Pelt, The Lapse, author extraordinaire, brother of Ted) and may represent his most unique musical offering to date. Vague Angels is a vehicle for Leo's stripped-down acoustic songs that seem to beg the listener to enter into a dense, dreamlike state. These complex arrangements certainly don't sound like stuff created by an ex-East Coast punk... these songs are closer to Mars than Manhattan (there's some Ziggy Stardust action going on as well).

But though he marches to the beat of a different rhythm, (Leo and the stand-up bass player both strap percussion to their feet), there is an irresistible quality to Vague Angels songs of literary wonderment. You're not really sure what's going on or where you are, but you do know that you're into it.

Vague Angels play Cake Shop, on Monday, April 24th.


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