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Pink Mountaintops shares color and sound with Pink Floyd.

March 29, 2006
Vancouver's Pink Mountaintops like to keep their identities under a veil of mystery. But we're here to rip down the iron curtain; Pink Mountaintops are essentially Black Mountain. Ok, it's Stephen McBean who sings in Black Mountain (which is part of the Black Mountain Army... i.e. a bunch of musicians who work in a mental hospital when they aren't on the road). Basically if you like Black Mountain, you'll like Pink Mountaintops, mostly because the two bands sound virtually the same.

You still get the disturbing psych Pink Floyd goodness that Black Mountain has, but with more songs about s-e-x. Not a bad trade off! Their debut album, Axis of Evol, was recorded by McBean in only three weeks, but he did have help from his friends. Yep, you guessed it, the other dudes in Black Mountain. So how are Pink Mountaintops any different? I have absolutely no idea.

Pink Mountainops open for The Flaming Lips at Webster Hall, Friday, March 31st, and Saturday, April 1st.


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