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Goldroom: the bliss of electronic happiness.

August 20, 2012
Goldroom is Josh Legg. When he's not in the band NightWaves, he's busy as a producer/remixer who mostly works in the "sun-drenched electro pop" category. Is that a category? It is now. Regardless, he seems pretty obsessed with making blissful melodies. The nerve of him.

Along with his instantly accessible original pop jams, Goldroom is also one hell of a remixer. He's got the skills to pay the... hmmm, anyone have a word that rhymes with skills here? Nevermind. Anyway, Goldroom has done a ton of exceptional remixes for bands like Citizens! and Nicki and the Dove and Penguin Prison to name but a few.

Do you like Fred Falke's remixes? I don't. I LOVE them. And Goldroom's remixes are right up there with Fred Falke. Bet. You know what Goldroom's jams really sound like though? Vacation.

It's true. I'm listening to the guy right now. And sure, my body may be in a dark and cramped bedroom with a window that overlooks a dirty concrete courtyard, but my mind is drifting around right now on something inflatable over something wet. Bet. Remixes by Goldroom

Goldroom plays Glasslands, on Friday, August 24th.


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