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Warm Ghost - solid.

July 16, 2012
Warm Ghost are a really solid dark-wave synth band from Brooklyn led by Paul Duncan and Oliver Chapoy. Imagine something like Trust meets Xiu Xiu meets Cold Cave or something. And Duncan's voice sometimes sounds like that guy from Erasure. But I shouldn't have mentioned that. Because Erasure comparisons will take you down the wrong, wrong road.

So to be clear: this electronic band isn't one of those electronic bands that will "get this party started." Warm Ghost are too melancholy for that. But sometimes playing out the malaise is exactly what you want your electronic band to do. You can't get high every time, guys. Sometimes you gotta go low, you know?

Listening to Warm Ghost it's clear that this band knows what they're doing. I don't know how to arrange a song but I know good song arrangements when I hear them. There's an overwhelming sense with Warm Ghost that there is some craftsmanship going on here amongst all the sadness. So anyway, I'll finish the way I started. Warm Ghost: REALLY solid.

Warm Ghost plays Knitting Factory, on Thursday, July 19th, and at Mercury Lounge, on Tuesday, on July 24th.


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