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The sweat and swagger of Les Savy Fav

March 8, 2006
Here's a depressing thought. I don't even remember the last time I was at Warsaw. Could it possibly have been two CMJs ago? That really doesn't seem right, but it is probably so. Seeing a solid show at this impressive venue (not like 'Avalon' impressive... more like 'American Legion Hall' impressive) is increasingly rare. Gone seem to be the days when you could count on seeing a Mogwai or a Will Oldham or even a Cat Power with rocking regularity there. So now, when a really good band decides to play its hallowed halls, it automatically becomes a must attend. After all, I've been craving those potato perogies for far too long. I just can't wait another two years to chomp into that flakey, gooey, not at all nutritious, goodness.

There's no better show to see with your belly full than Les Savy Fav. Get ready for some serious action. You know who these guys are, they're that band with that beastly front man who shudders and shimmies and does everything in his power to get your sweaty spazz off. A Les Savy show is a site to behold. These guys are real art-holes on stage, mixing humor and attitude with controlled, chaotic angularity. Les Savy is still very much on top of their game, while Tim "loose cannon" Harrington still may very well land on top of you. Harrington's stage (dive) theatrics are always one of the highlights of seeing Les Savy live. Their reckless and restless fans crowd the stage and dare the bewildering big man to leap on top of them. Often, he does. Harrington is either insanely awesome, or just insane. But a band can't successfully endure for over a decade on a flailing (albeit talented) front man's antics alone. Les Savy's extraordinarily eccentric dance-pop-punk has a catchiness so infectious, their music may never die. There is always talk that these guy are one show away from hanging up the cleats, so see them now so you may one day recount how Harrington squashed you when your face was full of kielbasa. This will be equal parts show and performance piece.

Oh, opening the show is Foreign Islands... but you already know all about them. Also on this bill is Free Blood, featuring members of Chk Chk Chk (What the ??? happened to them?).

Les Savy Fav plays Friday, March 10th at Warsaw.


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