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Test Icicles: R.I.Y.L Bad Band Names and the Blood Brothers

February 22, 2006
Test Icicles have a terribly silly (or is it just terrible?) name, but one shouldn't always judge a band by their moniker. These guys can rock out. A young (2 of the 3 members are still teenagers), spazzy screamo group from the U.K., Test Icicles sound like The Blood Brothers meets Death From Above 1979. With gyrating bass lines, squealing guitars and distorted vocals, Test Icicles appeal to both the punk kids and the club kids (an increasingly blurry line of distinction these days).

They're riding huge hype on the heels of their debut album, For Screening Purposes Only, now out on Domino (Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, Fire Engines). With consistently sold-out shows in both Europe and U.S., it seems everyone wants a piece of their noisy pie. They aren't for everyone, however. It takes some balls to listen to Test Icicles.

Test Icicles play North Six, Wednesday, March 1st and Mercury Lounge, Thursday, March 2nd.


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