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Midnight Magic leads to danceable midnight madness.

November 21, 2011
We just base our profiles on whatever the band's MySpace profile says; because no media outlet is more accurate or respected. So with that being said... Midnight Magic are from Brooklyn and play Disco House and their label is Permanent Vacation and based on the sheer volume of plays (and remixes), their big time jam appears to be "Beam Me Up." They have 348 friends and their last login was 7/07/11 and perhaps most importantly they've been a member since 3/11/08. Boom!

Now I bet you couldn't write a better band profile than that even if you tried, like, REALLY hard! So all MySpace stuff aside, Midnight Magic is a really tight electro-pop band with plenty of those clubby beats to get you dancing. Or drinking. Or dining in. I'm not going to tell you what to do with clubby beats.

This sweet dance crew of four is opening for Holy Ghost! @ MHOW. I wish I could open for Holy Ghost! @ MHOW. But that would be impossible. I'm just a lowly neurosurgeon. So I'm not sweating it either. Now I'm going to end this profile by telling you something MySpace can't. Ready? Here it goes. "MIDNIGHT MAGIC FOREVAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

Midnight Magic plays Lincoln Hall, on Saturday, November 24th.


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