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The Plug Awards: Indie Rock's Oscars

January 25, 2006
If you haven't heard, the Plug Awards are like indie rock's version of the Oscars, only with less cleavage and more beards. Coming to you live and straight from Webster Hall, this annual independent music awards show doles out props in categories such as Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, Live Act of the Year, Music Website of the Year and more. And your reward for sitting through acceptance speeches rife with tears of joy, grief and confusion? Bands actually perform, too! And we aren't talking about artists of the Carole Kane or Randy Newman variety, either (although that song from Toy Story 2 was to die for). The National, Celebration, and Chad Van Gaalen highlight the impressive list of rockers rocking this night of a thousand mid-level stars. Hopefully, those playing won't pull a Stevens (Sufjan played like 2 songs last year), and instead stay on the stage for a while and savor the splendid spectacle of it all.

And I guess we're presenting one of the awards at this thing. We're really crossing our fingers we get to announce the winner of Best Supporting Bassist in a Short Concert. And if we can't get that (they'll probably let the Pitchfork dudes announce that... man, those guys get everything... I bet their presentation is only worth a 2.4), then we're going to hope we land Best Band Banter. "And the winner for Best Band Banter is... Interpol, because they know banter is lame." "And the losers for Best Band Banter are... pretty much every Canadian band." Zing!

So if you don't know, and want to find out, what The National, Celebration and Chad Van Gaalen sound like before committing to shell out the dough for this show, read their bios on our site, and/or listen to the Oh My Rockness Radio (it's the orange thing on our homepage that looks like an advertisement!). But if you do come, and you see us present an award, please don't say anything funny when we're up there. It would be soooo humiliating to pee our pants in front of hundreds of hipsters.

The Plug Awards, featuring The National, Celebration, Chad Van Gaalen, happens at Webster Hall, Thursday, February 2nd (get tickets).


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