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My Best Fiend know how to jump around.

January 19, 2006
The thing about NYC's My Best Fiend is that they have tremendous stage presence. They've got the jumping around thing down cold. You know how some bands, when they rock out, just look like they're chickens running around with their heads cut off? That's not this band. It's hard to juggle hops and tambourine clashes in one fluid motion, but they pull off the polyrhythmic feat admirably. But My Best Fiend are more than just show... they can bring it, too.

I guess think of them as a more rock 'n' roll version of The Rapture. Granted, this comparison is mostly due the similar falsetto and warbled vocals, but you can hear it if you try. But they shouldn't be pigeon-holed as one of "those" NYC bands. They cite the Zombies, Spiritualized, Neil Young, and Aphex Twin as influences and their sound clearly shows these eclectic tastes. All in all, a solid unsigned band.

My Best Fiend plays @ Syrup Room, Saturday, January 21st.


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