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Chicken Soup for the Explosions in the Sky Soul

October 7, 2004
So many adjectives come to mind when describing these guys' sound: haunting, enveloping, cerebral, euphoric, epic, but none does justice better than their band name itself. Because this band truly erupts like an explosion, or rather several the sky.

Quite possibly my favorite band of my post-college years, Austin's Explosions in the Sky are emo. No, not like Braid/Get Up Kids emo. I'm talking emotional, man. This band makes me cry --I experience either utter sadness or rapturous joy when I listen to them. I'm still trying to figure it out.

Seeing them live is a downright cathartic experience. They play loud -- really loud -- and the music ripping forth seems to cleanse the toxins from my soul. Cheesy? Perhaps. But that's what this band does to me. They just nail it better than any instrumental post-whatever rock band out there. Ok, Mogwai makes me cry, too. But my limit is two bands. Any more, and I'll have no more tears to give.

Explosions in the Sky play Wednesday, October 6th at North Six and Friday, October 8th, at Mercury Lounge.


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