Sea Monsters: it's only rock 'n roll,'s only rock 'n roll. - Oh My Rockness

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Sea Monsters: it's only rock 'n roll,'s only rock 'n roll.

September 12, 2011
If NYC power-fuzz-pop trio Sea Monsters were named after the best The Wedding Present album, well, that would rule. These guys definitely have some of their own 'rule' in their bright future with completely accessible rock-out songs like these.

Now just bear with me for a minute, but would it turn everyone off if I said these guys sort of remind me of a young John Cougar Mellencamp? Should I just go back and edit that comparison out right now and save everyone from going down a long (and probably wrong) road?

Should I change it to someone more acceptabe (i.e. ALT) distorted and fuzzy and hooky band like Japandroids or maybe even Jaill? No. Screw it. I'm leaving him in. Johnny Cougar stays... the kid stays in the picture.

Actually, just forget all that comparison stuff. Sea Monsters just jam out. That's all you need to know. Sea Monsters is rock 'n roll, bros... it's rock 'n roll. (#whosoundlikejohncougarmellencamp)

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Sea Monsters play Cake Shop, on Friday, September 16th.


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