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Bring the pop magic, Teen Daze. You just go ahead and BRING IT.

July 25, 2011
Ho-hum, just one more insanely addictive electro outfit coming out with some super solid summer jams. And I say, bring it on. Believe me, there's plenty room in my synth-pop heart for more bands like Teen Daze. I can't get enough jams like this. I won't get enough. I REFUSE to get enough.

Someone on Twitter commented (sorry, "tweeted") that the super synth-y British Columbia's Teen Daze sounds like Junior Boys Jr. They also threw in the word "adorable." I thought that was pretty on target.

But why stop there? You can also get away with references to Washed Out or any of those other dreamy synth-pop bands that remind you of the greatest summer you've ever had (Small Black, Memory Tapes and, well, you know...).

And when Teen Daze turns the electro beats up and gets their dance thing on -- this doesn't happen on every song, but it definitely does happen -- I even hear a little bit of Pictureplane. Boom.

Teen Daze has played shows with a ton of peeps, but of particular note is some shows they've recently played with one of our other new favorites, Gobble Gobble. You like Gobble Gobble, and you're going to like Teen Daze.

Anyway, this band dude is pretty damn irresistible. You say "electro" and I say "how far."

Teen Daze plays Glasslands, on Sunday, July 31st.


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