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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows in NYC

More Free Summer Shows Announced! Plus: Fontaines D.C., Soccer Mommy, OFF!, Duster, Slow Pulp, Johnny Marr & James, The Go! Team, Jeff Rosenstock, A Place To Bury Strangers, Hinds, Tribute to Genesis P-Orridge, Allah-Las, Arooj Aftab & more!

May 9, 2024

More Free Summer Shows Announced, including Celebrate Brooklyn!'s free lineup in Prospect Park! YOU. SHALL. NOT. PAYYYY.

Gov Ball have announced their After Dark shows. See the lineups and try and take a good nap beforehand.

Punk Island 2024 lineup has been announced. See which bands are playing on Randall's Island this year. FREE.

+ See our frequently updated Free Summer Show Guide for the full long list!

Soccer Mommy is doing a special intimate solo show in Queens at the end of the month with glowing support from Lightning Bug. Tickets on sale tomorrow and will sell-out fast.

Johnny Marr (see also: The Smiths) and forever under-mentioned Britpop heroes, James, are coming to Brooklyn this October. If you miss this one, heaven knows you must be miserable and/or seriously Laid up.

Dublin post ___ punks Fontaines D.C. just played a last-minute NYC show this week and tickets sold-out real fast but good news, they're coming back again soon to play Brooklyn Paramount with Been Stellar. Or maybe you D.on't C.are?

Speaking of punk, L.A. hardcore punk supergroup OFF! are calling it quits but not before playing (Le) Poisson Rouge with Fucked Up. It's on.

San Jose slowcore heroes Duster (born: 1996) have a fall date at Webster Hall on the docket.

Brighton indie rockers The Go! Team have gotten the green light to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their joyous album 'Thunder, Lightning, Strike' by performing it in full at Irving Plaza this fall.

A Place To Bury Strangers, Lip Critic, Pons and more are playing an excellent-sounding music + arts festival on Staten Island this July.

Melodic Madison (WI) fuzz rockers Slow Pulp have a lovely headlining date at Webster Hall this fall with v. solid support from Hannah Jadagu and Free Range. And we're giving away a pair of tickets!

Jeff Rosenstock is now playing five (and counting?) shows at Warsaw this August with some solid support each and every night.

Madrid indie rockers Hinds have a show at Warsaw on the great day of October 29th when all the coolest people were born who later co-started local music blobs.

Baby's All Right is hosting a tribute to Genesis P-Orridge with performances by members of Psychic TV, Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Bush Tetras and more. Part of the Tribeca Festival.

Harmonious L.A. sunshine rockers Allah-Las have added a beach-y show at The Rockaway Hotel to their upcoming summer tour. Ooh la la.

Arooj Aftab, The Sisters of Mercy, Habibi (free), The Garden, Streetlight Manifesto, Nick Lowe, The California Honeydrops, Wild Rivers, Lankum, Sorry Mom (free), Catfish and the Bottlemen, Pyrex, The Thing, Gesaffelstein, Slow Magic, Pinc Louds, Shred Flintstone, Desert Sharks, Jozef Van Wissem, Trace Mountains, Skorts, Anika Pyle, Jet (second show added), Actress, Kneecap, Rock For Light: A Benefit for HR of Bad Brains, Great Good Fine Ok, Ruby Waters, youbet, The Thing, $not, Sir Chloe, Joudy, The Mooney Suzuki, Go Home, Nara's Room, Cohort B, Percocet, Phantom Signals, King's X, Teenage Halloween, Valley Lodge and more...



05/09 Secret Fox, The Piggies, Faith NYC @ Main Drag Music
05/09 The Crystal Casino Band, Loose Buttons, Tennis Courts @ Mercury Lounge
05/09 Miles Hewitt, Rachel Sumner & Traveling Light @ The Owl
05/10 Lee Cash @ Baby's All Right
05/10 Wavedash, Hudson Mohawke @ Substance Skatepark
05/11 Erica Dawn Lyle, Dreamcrusher, Mirrored Fatality, Breakaway @ Hart Bar
05/11 Amelia Holt, Kovvalsky, Harim, Mike Guimond @ Le Bain
05/11 Social Station @ Mercury Lounge
05/11 Her New Knife, Sam Silbert, Ruth in the Bardo, Ringing @ Trans-Pecos
05/11 Dave Ross, Joe Pera, Neel Ghosh @ Union Hall
05/12 Occupy the Disco @ Le Bain
05/12 Jesse Roper @ Mercury Lounge
05/12 Alex Koi, Kirin McElwain, Iris McCloughan, Marie Lloyd Paspe, Ching-I Chang, Lu Yim, Lauren Tosswill @ Stone Circle Theatre
05/12 Pinc Louds, Shred Flintstone, Desert Sharks, Rat Motel, Big Girl, Dog Park (acoustic) @ Tompkins Square Park
05/13 ZEBEDEE, Nite Music, Safe Houses, Shari @ Our Wicked Lady
05/13 The Dreaded Laramie, Sadlands, Awful Din, Baby Jones Locker @ Trans-Pecos
05/14 Flatscreen, Skeeter de Milo, Mourning Sex, Throbb Dylan @ Hart Bar
05/14 CLAY, Luna Byrd @ Mercury Lounge
05/15 D2X, Ché Noir, Gio Genesis @ Mercury Lounge
05/15 Tiresias, Tristan Allen @ Mercury Lounge
05/15 Hills To Height, Bloodsports, Percocet, Fasting @ Trans-Pecos
05/16 Takuya Nakamura, NTHNL @ Bossa Nova Civic Club
05/16 Pair of Sloths, Fish House, Tomorrowish @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
05/16 Crowe Boys @ Mercury Lounge
05/16 Wiring, Nara's Room, Screenager, Cohort B @ Trans-Pecos
05/16 PAT Party, JD Samson, Amber Valentine @ Union Pool
05/17 Lucky Spirit, Apple White, 54 Ultra, Kid Nice @ Hart Bar
05/17 Catatonic Suns, Retail Drugs, The Dutch Kills, Christian Pace @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
05/17 Two Way Radio, Serendipity, Attic Ivy @ Main Drag Music
05/17 Nia Archives (signing) @ Rough Trade NYC
05/17 The Sheer Currents, Tricktheriddle, Plastic Baby Jesus, Paperchamps, Cyphvin @ Stone Circle Theatre
05/17 Griffin Brown, Caroline Says, Mutual Benefit @ The Owl
05/18 Temp Rec, Kaib, Knotted, Roacher, Blush Puppyyy @ Stone Circle Theatre
05/19 King Bug, The Wizard, Shira, Onward Debacle @ ALPHAVILLE
05/19 Gunblue, Ammar, Retracer @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
05/19 Comfort Club, Homeschool, Talking Points @ Mercury Lounge
05/19 Victor V. Gurbo & Co., KENLO, Cellar Stares @ Mercury Lounge
05/19 Flavour, Cold Dice, Big City, Shining Faces @ Union Pool
05/20 Vestments @ Sundown
05/21 Burnt Mirror Beauties @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
05/21 Claire O'Kane, Eugene Mirman, Nick Naney, Brittany Carney, Mohanad Elshieky, Devon Walker @ Littlefield
05/21 Jameson Tank, Nick and the Old Sport, innlet @ Mercury Lounge
05/22 Roisin Mckeown, Ayla, Meg Doyle, Jay Masi, Frankie Adelaide @ Mercury Lounge
05/22 Boy Factory, Butch Anderson @ Stone Circle Theatre
05/23 Nick Cage, CS Cleaners, QIRL, Docents @ ALPHAVILLE
05/23 Death to All, Cryptopsy @ Gramercy Theatre
05/23 Bloodmonks, Youth Large, Sunbeam Colleen, Sarah The Mouse @ Hart Bar
05/23 Ka$hdami @ Market Hotel
05/23 Zoe Lloyd, Adriana Vergara, Ellie Macphee @ Stone Circle Theatre
05/23 DJ Julia Cumming (of Sunflower Bean) @ The Sultan Room
05/24 Shower Curtain, Sunforger, The Fictionals @ Gold Sounds
05/24 Death to All, Cryptopsy @ Gramercy Theatre
05/24 Noah Pope @ Sundown
05/24 Sorry Mom, Oolong @ TV EYE
05/25 Skorts, Boyscoutmarie, Genuine Connection, First Sex @ ALPHAVILLE
05/25 Hozier, Allison Russell @ Freedom Mortgage Pavilion
05/25 Falcon, Datachoir @ Main Drag Music
05/25 Olive Oliver, Justo Ontario, Insomnea @ Mercury Lounge
05/25 Refractory Period, Queer Chaos, Sludge Bunny, Bi Tyrant @ Our Wicked Lady
05/25 The Noisy, Big Yawn, Houndsteeth @ Stone Circle Theatre
05/26 Elise Petersen, Angie Pastor, Lydia Von Hof @ Purgatory
05/26 Robert Earl Thomas (of Widowspeak), Andy Aylward, Alice Cohen @ Sundown
05/26 Powerwasher, Many Shining Windows, Act, Silvia K. @ The Broadway
05/27 The Inspector Cluzo, Messenger Birds @ Mercury Lounge
05/27 Opera, Girls Can't Skate, Alex Walton, Lex Walton's Public Humiliation Ritual @ Purgatory
05/28 Elephant Parade, Kevin Wulf, Quemarlo todo por Error @ Mercury Lounge
05/28 Luna Aura @ Mercury Lounge
05/28 Emily Jeanne Brown, Emma Frank, Margot & the Midnight Tenants @ Sundown
05/28 Leah Rando, Freedom Attic, The Swimmers Choir @ Sundown
05/29 Harrison Kealy, Stuart Place, Zac Hoina @ Mercury Lounge
05/29 Royale Minks, Leone, Grandeur, girlie curse @ Our Wicked Lady
05/29 Carlos Truly, Monde UFO @ Sleepwalk
05/29 Schoolwide Assembly, Lily Desmond, Sewer Pillz @ Stone Circle Theatre
05/29 Rat Section, Holyweek, Comfort, Gaul Plus, Bowman @ Union Pool
05/30 Arooj Aftab @ Baby's All Right
05/30 Claudio Simonetti's Goblin (Performs live score to 'Dawn of the Dead') @ City Winery
05/30 Hush Club, Claire Ozmun, Kaneb Andrews @ Mercury Lounge
05/30 Tilt, Our Lady of Sorrows, Sophia Zarazuela, Femcel, I'm Going To Marry Your Dad @ Purgatory
05/30 Forn, Infinity Ring @ The Kingsland
05/30 Johnny Dynamite, Snoozer, Public Circuit, 54 Ultra @ Trans-Pecos
05/31 Snow Piler, Party Friends, Plastic Fake Pollocks @ 18th Ward Brewing
05/31 Francie Moon, Tula Vera, Wetsuit, Talon @ ALPHAVILLE
05/31 UMFANG, Young Male, Bralle @ Bossa Nova Civic Club
05/31 Agonis, Patrick Russell, Intergalactic Gary, Andi, Mr. Blacklauren @ Good Room
05/31 DJ Chaotic Ugly, Pictureplane @ Rash Bar NYC
05/31 Soccer Mommy, Lightning Bug @ Stone Circle Theatre
05/31 youbet @ The Owl
05/31 Ronnie Stone, Total Chroma, Renonce, Boys in Blush @ TV EYE
05/31 Dirty Fences, Josephine, Jolana Star, Todd-O-Phonic Todd, Vee Vee @ Union Pool
06/01 Little Fuss, Parents, Vvii, Looms @ Berlin
06/01 Big Bud, Furney, A Sides, Adrienne Richards, DJ Stunna, Random Movement, Scott Allen, Lady Emz, T.R.A.C. @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
06/02 Sir Chloe, Deux Visages @ Asbury Lanes
06/02 Oropendola, Charlotte Jacobs, Bergamot Quartet, Emmerson @ Littlefield
06/02 DVS1 @ Public Records
06/03 Pacifica @ Baby's All Right
06/03 Howard, Sonya Kitchell, Margo Valiante @ Sundown
06/03 Throne, Assimilator, Skeletal Mass @ The Kingsland
06/04 Laurel, Banoffee @ Baby's All Right
06/05 Innov Gnawa, Faith NYC, deerfrance @ Heaven Can Wait
06/05 Clarko, Pyrex, Act, Gargoyle @ The Broadway
06/05 Anvii, Autumn Rhythm, Gloom East @ The Kingsland
06/05 Crystal Flute, Bubbles @ Union Pool
06/06 Alex Chapman @ Elsewhere
06/06 Leo Paterniti, Alester, Emma Rosenkranz @ Heaven Can Wait
06/06 Teezo Touchdown @ Irving Plaza
06/06 The Thing, Telescreens @ Mercury Lounge
06/06 Chick Eddie, Meds, Cool Dead Woman @ Our Wicked Lady
06/06 TV Girl, Jordana @ Warsaw
06/07 DannyLux @ Brooklyn Steel
06/07 Elly Kace, Abby Volta, Freddy and Sally @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
06/07 Skizzy Mars, Hotline TNT @ Mercury Lounge
06/07 Alec Meza @ Mercury Lounge
06/07 Sarmat, Bludgeoner, Voulge, Sunlord @ Our Wicked Lady
06/07 FLO @ Sony Hall
06/07 Chrome Waves, Fellahin Fall, Disparager @ The Kingsland
06/08 Beeef, Namesake, DD Island @ ALPHAVILLE
06/08 Ryan Beatty @ Bowery Ballroom
06/08 The Halluci Nation, Xiuhtezcatl, Asase Yaa Youth Ensemble @ Prospect Park Bandshell
06/08 95 Bulls, Crazy and The Brains, Crush Fund, Dead Tooth, Femcel, Francie Moon, Frida Kill, Joudy, Laurel Canyon, Mary Shelley, Shred Flintstone, Skorts, The Bum Babies, titsdickass, The Muckrakers, Tula Vera, and more! @ Randall's Island
06/09 Water Gun, Whisper Doll, Elmora, No Bones @ Gold Sounds
06/11 d4vd @ Irving Plaza
06/11 Stephen Wilson Jr. @ Mercury Lounge
06/11 Pon Far, Hipsy Gap, Girls Can't Skate @ Our Wicked Lady
06/12 The Means of Production, The Spacemen, Two Girls in NYC @ ALPHAVILLE
06/13 Robb Bank$ @ Market Hotel
06/13 Low Presh, Phantom Signals, Jelly Kelly, Boyscout Marie @ Our Wicked Lady
06/14 Brian Falduto, Nate Hopkins, Bryan Ruby @ Mercury Lounge
06/15 Thanks Man, Baege, Dizzy and the Drapes @ Bar Freda
06/15 Van Vreeland, Robert Earl Thomas (of Widowspeak), Nathan Xander @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
06/15 Jordan Nocturne, Jeffrey Sfire, Mufti, Arvin T, Andi @ Good Room
06/15 Valley Lodge, Roger That!, Zito, Human Resources @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
06/15 Roman Flügel, Diego Andrés, Patrice Scott, Mari Ella, EXO-TECH @ Public Records
06/15 Mutual Benefit, Cara Beth Stalino, Luah @ Sundown
06/17 Sycco @ Mercury Lounge
06/19 Rosie Darling, Sydney Rose @ Baby's All Right
06/19 Okan @ Mercury Lounge
06/19 DJ Spinna, Peven Everrett, Merlin Bobb, Monique Bingham, Voices of a People's History @ Prospect Park Bandshell
06/19 Davalois Fearon, James Brandon Lewis, Chad Taylor, Matthew Shipp, Nasheet Waits @ Roulette
06/19 Apprehend, Dredd, Servants, Sundeath @ The Kingsland
06/20 Adeline Hotel, Jackie West @ Down & Out
06/20 Aisle Knot, No One & The Somebodies, Jupiter Boys @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
06/20 Olivia O'Brien @ Racket
06/20 Jen Shyu, Ingrid Laubrock, Darius Jones, James Blood Ulmer @ Roulette
06/21 Kuniyuki, Toshiya Kawasaki, Jacques Renault @ Good Room
06/21 Ana Tijoux, Ambar Lucid @ Prospect Park Bandshell
06/21 Isaiah Barr, Miriam Parker, Fred Moten, Trio Plex, Ava Mendoza, Devin Hoff, Revels @ Roulette
06/21 Black Decelerant @ Stone Circle Theatre
06/22 Polygoners, I Love You, I'm Sorry, War Honey @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
06/22 Peach PRC @ Irving Plaza
06/22 Thee Sacred Souls, Adi Oasis @ Prospect Park Bandshell
06/22 Thollem McDonas, Acvilla, Amina Claudine Myers, Matana Roberts, Oliver Lake, Holding Bridges Falling Down @ Roulette
06/22 Eugene Hutz (of Gogol Bordello), Jimmy G. (of Murphy's Law), Incendiary Device, Maafa, Dave Feldman (of Wyldlife), Enoch Thompson (of Scream), Felice Rosser (of Faith), and more! @ The Bowery Electric
06/23 Mim & The Intergenerational Ensemble, Watershed Continuum, Melanie Dyer, Isaiah Collier and the Chosen Few, Jason Kao Hwang, Cooper Moore, Marshall Allen @ Roulette
06/23 Nordista Freeze, Car World @ The Broadway
06/23 Jozef Van Wissem, Norman Westberg (of Swans) @ TV EYE
06/24 Yeat, BNYX @ Brooklyn Mirage
06/24 Angus Stone, Julia Stone @ Rough Trade NYC
06/25 Lexa Gates @ Elsewhere
06/25 Nick Lowe, Los Straightjackets @ Tarrytown Music Hall
06/26 Upper Wilds, Che Arthur, Blank Account, Silversun Pickups (DJ set) @ Berlin
06/26 Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons, Grasping Straws @ Mercury Lounge
06/27 Kelly Bran, J. Wolfe, Christine Sweeney @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
06/27 Anika Pyle, Julia Blair, Trace Mountains, Slight Of @ Sundown
06/28 Joudy, Tooth Lures A Fang, A Very Special Episode, The Planes @ Heaven Can Wait
06/29 Slaughtersun, Replicant, Festergore, Enforcement Droid @ Lucky 13 Saloon
06/29 Fishbone, Son Rompe Pera @ Prospect Park Bandshell
06/30 Jose Junior, Melissa Mary Ahern, Roy Ben Bashat, Adam Lytle @ Heaven Can Wait
07/01 Hausholding, Mer, Wes Parker, Ivanna Palacio @ The Broadway
07/02 Alanis Morissette, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Morgan Wade @ Freedom Mortgage Pavilion
07/02 Lacy Sturm @ The Brooklyn Monarch
07/03 Spose, Rigometrics @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
07/03 Flatfoot 56, Criminal Kids, 45 Adapters, Maafa @ The Meadows
07/05 Scarcity, Crippling Alcoholism, THIN @ Trans-Pecos
07/06 Do The Right Thing (screening) @ Prospect Park Bandshell
07/09 The Barons, Dallas Wax, Abbie Roper @ Mercury Lounge
07/09 Gulf Club, Otherworldly Things, Screw Bawl @ Our Wicked Lady
07/11 Superfan, Quiet Light @ Baby's All Right
07/11 Codefendants, Teenage Halloween, Sunnyside Social Club @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
07/11 SUSS @ The Sultan Room
07/12 Celebrating Arthur Russell, Wordless Orchestra, Love Injection, Francois K @ Prospect Park Bandshell
07/12 The O'My's, Rich Jones @ Public Records
07/12 The Mooney Suzuki, The Insomniacs @ The Bowery Electric
07/13 Frog, Dutch Interior, Alena Spanger @ Elsewhere
07/13 Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, Lollise, Rich Medina, IAM LOVE @ Prospect Park Bandshell
07/13 Blind Pilot @ The Sultan Room
07/16 Doc Robinson @ Mercury Lounge
07/17 Trey Magnifique @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
07/17 Giacomo Turra & The Funky Minutes, Phoebe Katis @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
07/17 The Family Crest @ Mercury Lounge
07/18 Go Home, OK King, The Wonderlicks, Rosso Rosso @ 18th Ward Brewing
07/18 Heavy Temple, Valley of the Sun @ The Kingsland
07/18 Mali Obomsawin @ The Sultan Room
07/19 Hot 8 Brass Band @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
07/19 Jake Hill, Guccihighwaters, Ryan Oakes @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
07/19 Richie Ray, Meridian Brothers, Madame Vacile @ Prospect Park Bandshell
07/20 OFF!, Fucked Up @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
07/20 A Place to Bury Strangers, Lip Critic, Pons, King Like Mom, Modern Day Machines, Grandma Drinks @ Maker Space NYC
07/20 Bab L'Bluz @ Prospect Park Bandshell
07/20 Tor Miller, Stello, Nautics @ The Sultan Room
07/21 Steve Earle (solo & acoustic) @ Tarrytown Music Hall
07/21 Kitty Coen, Julianna Money, Slow Funeral, Mer @ The Broadway
07/23 Mizmor, Amarok @ TV EYE
07/25 Powerbush, Recalculating, Nervous, Echomoth @ Berlin
07/26 BNXN @ Brooklyn Paramount
07/26 Ronald K. Brown, Evidence @ Prospect Park Bandshell
07/27 Replicant, Anti-Sapien, Coronary Thrombrosis, Fleshmass @ Bar Freda
07/27 Watchhouse, Black Belt Eagle Scout @ Prospect Park Bandshell
07/31 Koyo, One Step Closer, Prize Horse, Submerge @ Amityville Music Hall
07/31 Madilyn Mei, Sparkbird @ Baby's All Right
07/31 Beach Weather @ Hudson Yards Public Square and Gardens
07/31 Guavatron, Dysfunktone @ Mercury Lounge
08/02 $not, Cochise, Fourfive, Baby Kia, Scarlet House, 0500GCSY @ Brooklyn Steel
08/02 Meshell Ndegeocello, Talibah Safiya @ Prospect Park Bandshell
08/02 The Rubinoos, Brad Marino @ The Bowery Electric
08/03 The Wonderlands, Eva Westphal @ Heaven Can Wait
08/06 Jonah Kagen @ Bowery Ballroom
08/08 Toad the Wet Sprocket @ Tarrytown Music Hall
08/09 Jesse Royal, Anant Pradhan, Larry McDonald, Ayanna Heaven @ Prospect Park Bandshell
08/09 Ben Bohmer @ Superior Ingredients
08/10 Slipknot, Knocked Loose, Orbit Culture @ Freedom Mortgage Pavilion
08/10 King's X, Trope @ Gramercy Theatre
08/10 Charlotte Adigery, Bolis Pupul, Sinkane, Ushka @ Prospect Park Bandshell
08/10 Allah-Las @ The Rockaway Hotel
08/18 Redman @ The Brooklyn Monarch
08/18 BIG|BRAVE, Spiritual Poison @ TV EYE
08/22 Eric Bachmann (Crooked Fingers), Jennifer O'Connor @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
08/22 Jeff Rosenstock, Good Luck @ Warsaw
08/23 Tinzo, JoJo @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
08/23 Jeff Rosenstock, Catbite @ Warsaw
08/24 Jeff Rosenstock, Oceanator @ Warsaw
08/25 Jeff Rosenstock, Laura Stevenson, Dro Cardoso @ Warsaw
08/29 Pub Choir @ Irving Plaza
08/31 DYSTINCT @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
09/04 The Collection @ Mercury Lounge
09/05 Wild Rivers @ Irving Plaza
09/08 Gesaffelstein @ Avant Gardner
09/10 Peter Cat Recording Co. @ Irving Plaza
09/10 Veronica Swift @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
09/10 Sinead Harnett @ Webster Hall
09/11 Peter Cat Recording Co. @ Brooklyn Steel
09/11 Nick Mulvey @ Webster Hall
09/13 The Brothers Comatose @ Brooklyn Made
09/13 KK's Priest, Accept @ Palladium Times Square
09/13 Falling In Reverse, Dance Gavin Dance, Black Veil Brides, Tech N9ne, Jeris Johnson @ PNC Bank Arts Center
09/13 Christian Loffler @ Racket
09/13 Tashi Wada @ Roulette
09/13 Two Another @ Warsaw
09/14 Great Good Fine Ok @ Brooklyn Made
09/20 The Sisters of Mercy, Blaqk Audio @ Radio City Music Hall
09/20 Rocco @ The Sultan Room
09/27 Jalen Ngonda @ Brooklyn Made
09/27 Baynk @ Terminal 5
10/01 Graham Nash, Judy Collins @ Carnegie Hall
10/02 Ben Ottewell (of Gomez), Ian Ball (of Gomez), Buddy @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
10/02 Duster, Dirty Art Club @ Webster Hall
10/03 Landon Conrath @ Baby's All Right
10/05 Slow Magic @ Elsewhere
10/06 Dark Tranquility, Amorphis, Fires In The Distance @ Gramercy Theatre
10/08 Johnny Marr, James @ Brooklyn Paramount
10/10 Vaultboy @ Elsewhere
10/10 The California Honeydrops @ Webster Hall
10/11 Aaron Frazer @ Brooklyn Bowl
10/15 Jet @ Bowery Ballroom
10/15 Fontaines D.C., Been Stellar @ Brooklyn Paramount
10/23 Chris Cohen @ Baby's All Right
10/25 Richy Mitch and The Coal Miners, Atta Boy @ Bowery Ballroom
10/26 Richy Mitch and The Coal Miners, Atta Boy @ Bowery Ballroom
10/28 RY X @ Warsaw
10/29 Hinds @ Warsaw
10/30 Catfish and The Bottlemen @ Terminal 5
10/31 The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Barry Bostwick @ Kings Theatre
11/01 The Go! Team (performing 'Thunder Lightning Strike') @ Irving Plaza
11/02 Donovan Woods @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
11/02 Jordan Rakei @ Warsaw
11/06 Ruby Waters @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
11/08 Carbon Leaf @ Racket
11/09 The Garden, Cowgirl Clue, Slater, 3l3d3p @ Brooklyn Paramount
11/09 Lankum @ Warsaw
11/14 Slow Pulp, Hannah Jadagu, Free Range @ Webster Hall
11/19 Tender @ Racket
12/06 Streetlight Manifesto @ Brooklyn Steel
01/24 Martin Lawrence @ Barclays Center









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