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Baby Dayliner, Pela, Foreign Islands, Free Beer, and Insound

December 8, 2005
Insound's holiday parties somehow always involve "free" and "beer," which almost always results in "bad" and "news." But we vow that this year will be different... we will not end the night waxing nostalgic over our childhood dog (I miss you, girl!) while lamenting the loss of our wide-eyed innocence. Nope, that was the old us. This year, we're just gonna ROCK no matter how many PBRs look up at us longingly. All of our energy will be focused on the music... we're talkin' the MUSIC, man... from Foreign Island's sexy staccatos, to Pela's soaring guitar solos, to Baby Dayliner's daring drum beats. And by the end of the night, we will exit Scenic in a straight line with our clear heads held high. The only thing buzzing will be our ears. This line-up is much too solid for such silly shenanigans.

Headlining this trio of NYC bands is the one and only, Baby Dayliner. If you by chance walk into a Baby Dayliner show cold, your first thought might be, "What the hell is going on?" But once you get in groove with BD's synth-driven croons, you'll be hooked... and most likely smiling. You know that old song, "Do the Hustle?" Baby Dayliner's music is kind of like that crossed with Frank Sinatra. He sings songs that make you want to sway. Catchy beats, playful keys, and armed with The Rat Pack's bravado, Baby Dayliner is a pure performer who will end this night in smooth style.

Pela has a 5-song EP out that I listen to a ton. It's just so darn catchy! I've caught these guys a few times (most recently at CMJ) and they are the rare band who can successfulyl re-interpret their songs for the stage. I mean, who really wants to go to a show and hear your favorite song played exactly how it sounds on the album? If that's what we wanted, we could turn on our stereos, lounge on our couches, and eat vanilla wafers while wearing our sweatpants. Pela does a great job taking familiar songs (well, familiar to me anyway... I should really wean myself off that EP) and making them new. These guys have an upcoming full-length coming out very soon, and word on the street is their set will have a ton of the new material.

The key to every great party is energy (and finger sandwiches). There's no better way to ensure a festive party than to get an opening band that can "get this party started." Foreign Islands are a tad under-the-radar, but boy are they ever gaining steam with their synth-punk-spazz. Think shouts, hand claps, angular guitars, and danceable beats. Those who get there early to see their set are guaranteed to be in a better mood for the rest of the night... and this has nothing to do with the free beer starting then, either.

Baby Dayliner, Pela, and Foreign Islands play Insound's Holiday Party at Scenic, Thursday, December 15th.


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