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Deven Therriault brings it boozily back.

February 25, 2011
New York's Devin Therriault rocks the good old dirty classic garage with some raspy punk rockabilly thrown in. This guy looks like he could be the undisputed leader of The T-Birds gang. Don't mess with The T-Birds, especially when they’re singing and dancing about their girls and Grease Lightnin'.

And using that sweat, swagger and saucy slickness, Therriault takes snarling command of his band and the stage. He's a sure showman intent on reaching star status by channeling rock's history.

Therriault's lightning-charged live shows have received comparisons to the legends of old like Iggy Pop and New York Dolls' David Johansen. Those were some pretty brutal boys back in the day. (Iggy Pop is still brutal, but Buster Poindexter? Not so much.)

This distorted, guitar-driven garage seems fueled by whisky and determination, and is fronted by a dude who wants to rock you out all down and dirty like. For greasers, hustlers and grifters... and, of course, fans of classic rock 'n roll.

Devin Therriault plays Shea Stadium, on Saturday, February 26th, at Littlefield, on Wednesday, March 2nd, and Mercury Lounge, on Tuesday, March 8th.


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