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Soft Landing: happy orchestral-core?

February 13, 2011
Brooklyn's Soft Landing is a happy guitar-centric trio that features two members of Beirut. So there's a little bit of Beirut going on here. But not THAT much Beirut.

Soft Landing's orchestral songs seem to sway towards the optimistic side of things (that's what happens when your band uses a Moog, I guess). And we like optimism with our pop. Hope is something we can get behind here at Oh My Rockness.

I definitely can see a Soft Landing song being used in a car commercial very soon. Actually, I'd bet on it (if I didn't spend my last dime on a mini pack of banana Now 'n Laters). Something about Soft Landing's melodic brightness just screams sedans cruising down a closed course to me.

Anyway, check these guys out. And try to be friends with them too. Who knows, maybe one day they can hook you up with a sweet discount on a super sweet 4x4.

Soft Landing plays Glasslands, on Tuesday, February 22nd.


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