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Nightlands: heaven-core?

February 7, 2011
Nightlands is Philadelphia's Dave Hartley. He plays bass in The War on Drugs, which we like a lot. But we're not here to talk about them some more.

Nightlands makes machine-made orchestral dream-pop goodness. There are lots of brightly ethereal loops, textured multi-instrumental layers, and all sorts of angelic vocals and harmonies going on here.

The result is that one quick listen to Nightlands will have everything around you seem, dare I say, beatific. It's certainly not a buzzkill. This is the shit angels listen to... the cool angels who want to cut class and smoke grass... but decide not to because... they're angels.

Nightlands is for fans of Animal Collective, Panda Bear, A Lull and Active Child. And check out the band's (one man = a band? I don't know) debut album. It's called Forget the Mantra and it... what's the word... rules.

Nightlands play Glasslands, on Saturday, February 12th


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