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Golden Girls rock even harder than Cher.

January 31, 2011
Golden Girls are a rip-roaring ramshackle band from Massachusetts. And that first sentence means absolutely nothing, doesn't it? Let's try again: Golden Girls are a gritty lo-fi band from Worcester that likes to lay 'em down and mix 'em up. Nah, that doesn't work either. How about: Golden Girls rock the super-energetic, scratchy, oddball punk that reminds me of Deerhoof. Maybe that's closer, but who are WE to pigeonhole any band as sounding like Deerhoof? Who are WE?

Ok, forget all that stuff. Really, Golden Girls are just a fun band to rock out to. Their amps and microphones could explode in our faces at any moment. And electric danger often = fun, especially at shows.

These four guys have recently toured with DOM (one of our other new favorites) and are slated (as of this writing) to play shows with High Places, Oneida, and Lightning Bolt (definitely hear some of LB in Golden Girls too... can we go back and say this band is like "Deerhoof meets a tamer Lightning Bolt?" WHO ARE WE TO TURN BACK TIME?! CHER COULDN'T EVEN DO IT!).

BTW, Golden Girls' finest song to date is called "Amateur Teen Sex Attics." Just thought that was worth mentioning. Somewhere, Blanche would be salivating. Rock out, Golden Girls. Rock out. (P.S. Tour with Japandroids... er... please).

Golden Girls play Death by Audio, on Thursday, February 10th.


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