Dream Diary: shh, this is fragile stuff (they must be Italian). - Oh My Rockness

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Dream Diary: shh, this is fragile stuff (they must be Italian).

January 10, 2011
Brooklyn's Dream Diary is a (dream) pop trio that fits in nicely with the sound The Pains of Being Depreciation Guild have been tenderly rocking lately. Dream Diary's music is sweet (their myspace url is /dreamdiarylovesyou for goodness sake... someone I've never met loves me... now that's what I call sweet), it's swirly, it's shimmery, and it's certainly sticky.

These are good jams to listen to as you happily launch a bunch of shiny helium balloons up into the cloudless sky with childlike glee (launching balloons is bad for the environment, don't do it). Dream Diary's music is like a fragile music box. You like the sound that comes out of it, but you're also kind of afraid you'll break it. So you only handle when you're in a careful and gentle mood.

Look for a Dream Diary record on Kanine (Surfer Blood, Eternal Summers, Braids). (And WTF was all that music box stuff all about anyway?)

Dream Diary plays Mercury Lounge, on Tuesday, January 18th.


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