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Web Dating is sticky, sticky, sticky.

December 6, 2010
Brooklyn's Web Dating is a furiously fun (don't know what furiously fun means... mad you're having so much fun?) foursome that plays super quick and super catchy garage-pop. These melodies (though buried a bit under distorted messiness and lo-fi's lax attitude towards tune-age) pop with stickiness. It's all very jubilant and stuff.

If you like bands like Total Slacker, Magic Kids, Oberhofer, Gross Relations, etc. you will like Web Dating.

If you like music that makes you feel all sad, don't get into Web Dating. And don't do web dating either. That won't make you feel better. It'll just make you feel more depressed about how many single people misrepresent themselves. Just love you for being you! Don't you dare think of being anyone other than who you are.

Anyway, Web Dating = fun band. And I'm not at all mad about that.

Web Dating play Death by Audio, on Wednesday, December 8th, and at Glasslands, on Friday, December 10th.


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