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The Front Bottoms will probably change their name one day.

October 25, 2010
The Front Bottoms are three young New Jersey guys that kind of sound like Frightened Rabbit. Actually, it's really just this band's singer (Brian Sella) that sounds a lot like that singer from Frightened Rabbit (minus that whole massive Scottish accent thing, of course).

But this infectious (the non-diseased kind of infection) band has also received some Matt & Kim comparisons too. So maybe The Front Bottoms are Frightened Rabbit meets Matt & Kim? That sure looks good on paper, but that's not really what I'm hearing. Oh well. I have failed.

Anyway, I don't know a whole lot more about The Front Bottoms, but I know this is good peppy pop with smart lyrics and sticky melodies that are played with an acoustic guitar, drums, and a keyboard. So that's enough to recommend that people go check them out, right?

Also, I have a favor to ask of you. Listen to them and tell me who else this singer reminds me of... I mean, besides the Frightened Rabbit dude. It's driving me nuts. Maybe The Mountain Goats guy? Killer parties almost killed me guy? No. Getting closer with those, but no... those aren't it. Oh wait! Ben Folds? Maybe it's Ben Folds. No, of course it's not Ben Folds... GOD!

The Front Bottoms were playing a show this week...but now they're not.


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