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Pictureplane's music goes BOOM BOOM BEEP BOOM!

October 25, 2010
My name is Oh My Rockness and I like to dance! Sorry, watching way too much Yo Gabba Gabba lately. That show rules though. Anyway, Pictureplane is the electro-dance project of Denver's Travis Egedy.

Like other electro men and women before him, Egedy gained initial notoriety primarily for his remix work. He has snipped and pasted it up for Crystal Castles, Future Islands, and HEALTH among others. And all the remixes I've heard from him are even better than the originals. Sorry, HEALTH. We love you, but Pictureplane's "Die Slow" remix is just better.

We should mention that Lovepump Records released Pictureplane's most recent album, Dark Rift. And you know why we feel we should mention that? Well, because Lovepump rules.

Pictureplane has played shows recently with Teengirl Fantasy, Washed Out, Small Black, Tanlines and Lemonade. Man, we like all those bands!

So if you want to go to a show and "have a good time" (not in the graffiti-on-the-bathroom-stall sort of way) you should go see Pictureplane. My name is Oh My Rockness and I don't know how to explain dance music very well! Pictureplane plays Ridgewood Temple, on Sunday, October 31st.


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